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"Just remember, make it close, but keep Phoenix the hell out of the finals.. We've have 0 sucess in tracking down those naked photos of me that Poppovich got ahold of. Welcome back" - David Stern
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"We're going to be under a microscope and a lot of people are going to be whining in the near future so if a popular team is losing and/or breaks rules we're going to be issuing Nixon masks and police escorts to all officials. You don't have a problem with this do you?" -David Stern
FMPTYPFFM? (fixed my post that you previously fixed for me)Just kidding though!
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From the article:"Bennett's Oklahoma City-based ownership group bought the Sonics and the WNBA's Seattle Storm for $350 million last year, and has insisted that the Sonics need a new, $500 million stadium."Any estimate how much of that $350 million was for the Storm and how much was for the Sonics? :club:
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