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  1. that was a great game. 30 and 23 for Dwight Howard holy moly.They made it interesting. If they played defense on the Suns in the first 3 quarters they might have taken the lead in the third. They look like the real deal.
  2. LeBron James is going to average a triple double at some point in his career. A nasty one too like 35-15-10 or some such non sense. Also the game against Detroit answered the "Lakers without Kobe, Cavs without LeBron, which is worse?" question once and for all.
  3. A pulled groin kind of sucks but I'm optimistic that he'll still be a useful body for this weekend. If LeBron doesn't play against us on Friday, I'd give him the day off or limited minutes. As for Bargnani's knee on knee, that's a pisser but if it were the playoffs and a close game he'd have come back. I might be overly optimistic but it doesn't seem like huge big time injuries. Plus Ford will be back and probably in the second string. I'd love to watch Eric Snow try to stay in front of TJ. I was away so couldn't comment on Moon's 15(?)pt, 9 rb, 3 steal and 6 block game.Its fathomable for him
  4. Dwight Howard is a beast. Both in performance and physique. He looks like Shaq before Shaq realized he only needed 1/3 the effort to still be unstoppable.Also Dwight's a really nice guy. Just like Kevin Garnett. You're glad to see them do well.
  5. Ford's averaging 13 ppg and 8 assists so far. Kidd could take the other guard spot maybe but until Wade is in full swing and Arenas starts playing better I think Ford should be there. I consciously picked Alridge over Duncan because he's having a good year so far and Duncan could be doing better.But I forgot about Yao
  6. Its early but luckily you can vote more than once so these picks might change by the time of the all-star break.Mine:EASTF - Bosh (homer pick, LeBron is having a great year)F - GarnettG - FordG - RichardsonC - Howard [shaq will win it no matter what]WestF - AnthonyF - BoozerG - McGradyG - KobeC - Aldridge
  7. I think Marion + Barbosa is better than Kobe in term of Phoenix's dynamics, especially since Barbosa sort of gives instant offense off the bench. And that doesn't solve Phoenix's problems with San Antonio. But people don't really ever seem to look at it that way.Edit: The more I think about it though, Kobe + anybody is enough to be one of the best teams in the entire league. He would definitely improve their defense.
  8. It has some tight competition.
  9. Every player in the world would want to play under Rasheed Wallace.
  10. At this pace, if Kevin Garnett can keep toiling off these kinds of minutes without injury, 60 isn't a stretch.
  11. Jamario Moon is all of a sudden a fan favourite in Toronto. He's a former globetrotter so I hope they put him in the slam dunk contest. I imagine ex-globetrotters have a significant advantage in that department.Also everybody watch this, its pretty funny:http://youtube.com/watch?v=ECV0N19xRaA
  12. I said already how I like the Hornets this year but the Nets should still be beating them.Its a wrap if Carter is out for too long.
  13. He's a shoe-in for the 6th man award with the kind of numbers he's putting up.
  14. Anybody remember that movie with Dan Akroyd and Damon Wayans where Larry Bird is like "I hate you fair weather fans"You're making Larry Bird angry. Don't make Larry Bird angry.Last years team wasn't shitty. Al Jefferson was incredible and fun to watch and an all around nice guy much in the vain of Kevin Garnett. Not in style but in work ethic.They just lost a bunch and tanked for Oden. If they had scrapped hard like Portland did maybe they'd have been in Portland's spot of the lottery. The whole thing was pretty ironic and great at the time, really.Also, don't blame Kevin McHale (well blame hi
  15. I hear the weather in Boston if fair this time of year
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