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  1. rip Gary Carter i loved that guy when i was a kid
  2. and didnt the scumbag poker player evolve from the hustle of $20 games of 8 ball / race to 7. didnt Daniel start out playing pool? would he be thrown into the scumbag description? \
  3. username - player 60.fourth in chips ,,1st for 260. boom. for some reason i excel at six-handed more than full ring. wonder why that is?took a third in same mtt last week.
  4. tried creating an account with Carbon. will not let me do this. Tells me that my state (Missouri) is the issue.
  5. Diamond , i am not sure what ftw means. I have actually switched over to Bovada , username is - player 3 ... look me up
  6. I cant even log in tonight... i wonder if this is due to increased traffic , or a crap server. anyone know?
  7. rip rooney. gonna miss you man.
  8. I am sitting at a location early this morning doing my job and in walks Chuck Berry. Chuck and two photographers move right past me and the only one to nod was Chuck , photo guys had been running around the last half hour acting like they were the celeb. Anyway, they set up at the piano to my right and Chuck starts messing with the keys goofing off. He then started in on something that was recognizable, like I had heard it before. I heard him answer the camera man that he really couldnt play piano. That made me stop and wonder, wow, I always thought that he could rip it up. Then I was thinking
  9. was watching the game at Pujols 5 / Westport plaza and it was pretty intense several different times last night. Random guys I didnt know insisted I double high five them , and I did. When it was finally over it was like a bomb went off, chaos times 10. I think some of the women were scared of being hurt with all the happiness. David Freese probably doesnt pay for squat the rest of the year.
  10. I am probably just trying to hard to flavor up the extent of the lunch that we had , when you said a parable I laughed. The thing is that this guy has called the cops on me saying I threatened him with injury. Cops told me that I could be arrested for just telling someone I was going to **** them up. So I called it taking him to lunch. I met him beside the monkey bars after school and I fought. He would not even protect himself so I stopped after four good belly punches and one to the face that never landed like I envisioned. Pancreatitis is a 3+ get out of work illness. I wonder if it is all
  11. I am pretty sure that 'dude' gets punked in the face even before he has a chance to spit. wow, my blood is boiling and then I see him spit on my woman. That elevates it to Joe Pesci 'Casino , stabbed in the neck with a pencil' range. And thats not saying I whip everyone and am badass, but that would put me over the edge.My sisters ex had been ****ing with her and causing my family stress dealing with all his nut job sessions.... I finally called him up and said "look man, let it go and move on. If I hear about you causing my family any problems then we are going to have lunch". He called the
  12. with all this Brandon is Russell's nephew hoopla . isnt it just a setup for when they do the reward with family challenge and out pops Russell.
  13. I probably drive more miles per week than anyone posting on this thread, unless you are a professional truck driver. Speaking of truck drivers.... they are the worst and the best. I run the left lane most all the time. I see two trucks ahead in the right lane , say 1/4 mile (402.33600 meters). It seems like 9 out of nine times that rat bastard will let me get close and then pull into the passing lane to pass the truck in front. That would be okay if it could be done in less than two minutes. Sometimes the silly bastard will try, then back off and get back to where he started. I used to flip e
  14. I have contributed nothing of value to this forum but that was never my intention. hope you have a good day in what ever you are doing. I am going to go count some money.....if you feel the need to send me something, get with bob . i trust him
  15. I take my Shih tzu to get groomed about every 7 weeks. I picked her up yesterday after work and the lady asked if Gracie was an adult yet. I said , 'well , she was two in July ' , she said yes that was considered an adult, and that the next grooming session price would go from 30 to 35. I keep money on my books there so I didnt stick around or even question it at that time. what the hell?My dog is 15 pounds and has been the same size for quite some time. She will not get any bigger in this lifetime. Why would the price to cut her hairgo up? I understand the concept of charging more because
  16. what ever honey, original join date March 30, 2005Group: MembersPosts: 8,418Joined: May 29th, 2008From: Hamilton, OntarioMember No.: 33,188Favorite Poker Game: NL Texas Holdem, Seven card Studcan you give me the history or comment concerning your join date? not sure if this has been covered in another post but i just dont understand why you had to validate this to someone. Daniel doesnt like country and he is a vegetable, if he dont make a show in this wcoop i am done.
  17. thanks for that tidbit Napa Don. with the new job and all, I rarely watch dp anymore. piss on tivo and dvr's. anyway, I got my first ever speeding ticket yesterday. I was going west on I-44 doing 82 mph. I was in the passing lane just moving right alongand I glance in my rear view mirror and see a dark vehicle coming on quick. It looked like he was doing 100+ just to catch me. I felt like he should of been cited for speeding as well, but that prob. wont happen. He didnt ask me why he pulled me over. He just wanted my lic. and insurance and told me that a ticket would be coming shortly. so it
  18. Eight in the morning at the Tropicana and look who it is .... HOF Dennis Rodmanhe seemed to be in rare form at 50 , looked like he could still make the starting lineupdoing shots with rodman this early in the morning for some reason just seemed normal.dennis rodman tropicana
  19. ....."We have Jack Links and Dearfoam slippers, but there isn't a Lexus, or Caddilac type brand that's stepped up to the plate at this point. "How come the big sponsor deals are not in play at this point, even before the black friday accident.Coke, Ford, P&G, ...how come they are not taking advantage of this huge pool of viewersI like Jack Links , I like Keith Stone , althought icehouse is better...
  20. my first response is to tell you to go **** yourself , but i wont do that
  21. I think people in the US forget that there is a world outside our borders. You talk to people of other countries and it appears they have a better sense of othersI find myself guilty of this sometimes. well put Bob
  22. we went to vegas earlier this year and one place i would suggest is Pole Position Raceway.http://www.polepositionraceway.comi think it was 25 bucks but well worth it , you get stats of your race ... a real good time for the money.my youngins had ear to ear grins the whole time.... post when you get back and let us know what you did... trip report
  23. deviled eggs huh? just an average white guy here , 40 year old virgin style, but I have fought some menhave you tried eating polk ? did you like it?favorite meal all time - grilled morels & frog legs
  24. http://www.pokernews.com/live-reporting/2011payout 462 is listed without posting the winners name. is this a typo or what?
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