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  1. I have also found that while playing online, no matter in cash games or tourneys, I tend to be really streaky in terms of types of hands dealt, like the aforementioned poster has stated...I also agree that when I have had KK the past 5 or 6 times (possibly more) I have been up against AA, no joke....I have also realized that in certain hands in cash games when I'm close to being to the felt, I will get my money in w/ the best of it, i.e. AK, AQ, etc...only to be called by a smaller ace which hits the 3 outer...now I only say this rings true for certain situations....I have postulated in the pa
  2. On sixth street, Ted Forrest shows 9 7 3 5 and Joe Cassidy has Q 19 4 8 . Cassidy bets, Forrest raises and Cassidy calls. Seventh street is dealt and Cassidy again bets, Forrest raises and Cassidy calls. Forrest reveals an 8-6 underneath for a straight and Cassidy mucks. Forrest's stack is now up to $52,000 and Cassidy is down to a still respectable $69,000.....thanks Cardplayer.com...you've finally brought me to realize the game is rigged even in a b&m casino...
  3. So i build up a bit of a roll from $50 playing low limit hold em to around $300 one day...so i decide to play a six person 10/20 LHE table on UB to try and go on a tear and pad it up a bit...bad idea apparently...a couple of hands in every body folds to me in the SB...i have 55 so i raise it up...BB just smooth calls...board comes 56A rainbow...i check, he bets, i raise, he three bets...at this point i'm thinking he has to have a decent Ace so i decide to trap some more so i just call the three bet...turn puts a meaningless brick up so i decide to check and induce another bet...as i predicted,
  4. JJ fo sho....no doubt about it....you raise it up and theres always gonna be scare cards that affect the way you play it throughout...either that or you get the morons who call with A3 and turn the ace cuz they're "pot-committed"....all hail to the donkey flush!!!!
  5. Gambling, no.....easy way to lose lots of money to people who don't know if a flush beats a straight, yes...
  6. I can see being able to pull this off in a no-limit tourney sometimes, however, i am a limit cash game player, therefore i can't see the possible logic in limping with monsters like these when everyone, no matter what limits you're playing, is willing to see a cheap flop and play from there....i always came from the school of protecting your big hands preflop, as to reduce chance of suckouts later...lately though, i have found that people believe that AA and KK are "unsuckoutable" (patent-pending on the new word) and will therefore limp and build massive pots on the later streets for those who
  7. You just have to love when the donks do this...I know Sklanksy advises against it for the most part (only to do it to mix up your game every once and awhile), but to see these absolute donks capping a deuce/three suited in a multiway pot b/c they believe they have more live cards than you w/ KK, and then hitting running flush absolutely baffles me......i just dont comprehend how when i push the living daylights out of my big pp's that they get cracked by someone who calls 3 bets w/ Q3s while these retards can limp w/ AA and get paid off on a board that would normally constitute them being beat
  8. "...but it was suited!""...it's an ace; the best card in the deck, right?""(25/50 blind level for a std. raise of 3x bb) How much is it to me? I'm all in for 3000 then...""I'd rather have two different suits in my hand because then you can make two flushes, instead of just one...""I learned from watching ESPN"...and many more...lol
  9. I'd love to play as well...from the burbs so PM me if you guys ever get anything goin...have a decent amount of guys that would love to find a regular home game...let me know...
  10. Trust me...if u are considering majoring in Econ, don't....i am a year removed from Loyola University Chicago w/ a dual degree in Econ & Math and am yet to find a job...the market is hot for accounting grads right now so jump on that bandwagon if you must...boo to me for not sticking with a solid major...
  11. Sry to hijack the thread but last night on UB Prahlad was getting pwned by JuniperBreeze on 50/100 PLO...who is JB anyhoo?
  12. LOL....thank you...you read my mind...there is no way on a non paired/non straight flush board that you can get away from the second nut flush...I'm sorry, but ask any pro if they would lay it down and you will hear a resounding "NO"...this laydown can only be made in very specific tourney situations where you would not want to risk your whole stack on 2nd best...but if you aren't willing to risk going broke, why play in the first place????
  13. Go to youtube.com and search "The Juggernaut B*tch"....One of the funniest things I have seen in a while...
  14. Excuse me, but don't you know who I am??? I'M THE JUGGERNAUT BIATCH!!!!...sorry, i just had to...it was too tempting...lol
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