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  1. Im out of town right now but will be back on holiday weekends and over winter break. That game still going to be on?
  2. DNA could you put up a link to the websit for the results.Thanks
  3. About 1600 at a 2-5 NL holdem with a 200 max buy in.
  4. 204th out of 1700. oh well had my AQ not improve agaist 6s
  5. Playing in it right now, needed something to do after my mid pockets got busted by AQ in the open.
  6. you sir suck at telling time, but nice effort ;P20 mins to gofixed it buddy, thought it was at 9, and i look forward to busting you.
  7. half hour to go and already 78, nice, should have atleast 120
  8. good job, good luck in the next one
  9. outAll in preflop with 10s against AQK rag ragJ on turn giving more outs then the nice A on the riverOh well gl everybody still in
  10. You'll barely lose anything just register
  11. How many people played in the last one and about how long did it last. What time does it start also
  12. I went to Trump tonight in Indiana called ahead and still waited 45 mins. I guess labor Day is a big holdiday for poker fans
  13. Just wondering what poker rooms in the area people like to go to. I have played many times at Trump and have been pretty pleased with it for the most part.
  14. I know it sucks to go out, but winning 9,500 isnt that bad.
  15. Toprose just took about 500k off of bib preflop then no action after the flop
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