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  1. very good point with the evened out his stack thing.its a huge tell.good post
  2. dreamclown is a better online headsup lhe player than Daniel. I think its too early to say that he "owns him" since they havent played very much, but I think dreamclown will be a big winner if they continue to play. As far as the worthless opinions of nwp posters, there are just as many worthless opinons of fcp posters overhere as there are on nwp if not more due to the recent influx of noobs due to the charter member thing.That's a pretty absurd statement. How can one say that DreamClown is better if DN hasn't played him yet. And even if he does play him, what are DreamClowns results vs. DN's
  3. Hithe pm msg's aint working for me so can you please email me at mikepatton@chello.se of you can get rakeback for an existing account.Thanks
  4. Hi I was wondering if someone could hook me up with rakeback at fulltilt?
  5. nice gl manI made a move with K4 sutied as dealer cause I had only been showing down the nuts like every hand but i got played back at. Lost 3k in that handAt 21kgl to you tooim playing too many tables im gonna do a donkey move soon i can feel it
  6. im ingonna try and play like a tourney donkey and see what happens.gl everyone
  7. im outfirst my AA lost to KKthen i limped with JJ and hit my set guy called my all in and made a straight on the river.horrible tourney for me
  8. hehe i wasnt involved with too many pots with him.his A4 beat my KK tho :x
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