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  1. There's 1.5bb in the pot to start with, so opening to >2.5bb results in you winning 1.5bb.You have about a 70% chance of winning at showdown, since it's >50 the only case we care about is the maximum we can put in and be called (betting less would win us less), which is opening to 2.5. Ignoring ties, you win 5bb 70% of the time, but you put 2bb on top of your small blind, so your profit on average is 5*.7-2 = 1.5bb. Which means both plays have the same result winnings wise.Since there's actually about a 0.5% chance of a tie (so you are actually less than 70% of winning outright) the bigg
  2. Because top pair on a Q high board is the same as the second nuts with your opponent requiring *exactly* pocket aces to have you beat.Snakes and ladders, seriously. You'll find it a much better game.
  3. If you do anything but get all the chips you need to stop playing poker and start playing snakes and ladders.
  4. No, if they also had the 7h you post it to the "online poker is rigged" forum
  5. That's extremely unlikely. Though maybe not getting it all in preflop is the problem with your play? Wow, you are the best poker in history. Congratulations.But all that nitpicking aside, that's a very nice rant
  6. What the 20% shot winning? That could only ever happen online, since online poker is such a joke.Never in all of history has that happened in a real life poker game. Never! Especially not when shorty shoves with less than 20% of the callers chips.
  7. Raisy daisy on the flop. Omaha is not the game to slow play middle set. Given it was limped preflop betting rather than check-raising is probably the better play (though UTG bet, so maybe not).
  8. The best hand (when the money went in) won, so bad beat might be the wrong forum :)The QQ guy must have been annoyed it was online and not live, the happy dance is so much better with th e losers watching...
  9. Play by feel, what could possibly go wrong?Do you call shoves getting 1.1:1 with gutshot draws because you have a good feeling?
  10. Ignoring the actual questions... Can anyone give a hand for UTG? I hope you put him on whatever buddy list everest poker has...Calling 11 bets (with 7 calls) on as drawless a flop as can be, to the river, and then folding a total brick to one bet closing the action. That must be profitable!
  11. Just laugh at the other guy for somehow not managing to get all-in preflop with AA when another player had KK.
  12. If you just calculate it as:$2 to call, winner gets $6, so 2/6 = 33%It's simpler than the "win $4" approach - in my opinion anyway.But it's not 33% to win, there are also ties to consider. He needs over 33% equity to make the call (assuming it's all-in so there are no implied odds) profitable. What portion is from chopping and what from winning is irrelevant to the odds.Of course implied odds (and reverse implied odds) are way more important than the pot odds preflop.
  13. You can re-raise. The rule is that if you called MP couldn't re-raise since the Button didn't make a full raise.I don't know why people have so much trouble with this particular rule. It boils down to "you can't raise yourself". If someone makes a less than a full raise (less than half in limit) it is effectively a call for the purposes of the "can't raise yourself rule".If you haven't yet bet/raised then there is no action a player can take before you that prevents you from doing so (well, except for betting more you have so your only option is call/fold or you being the BB and getting a walk
  14. If you are really short stacked, it's not too much, it's too little. Shove. Yeah, yeah wrong forum... Yes ban the bad the players so that everyone left is actually good. What a profitable plan!
  15. Stars and Fulltilt have essentially the same policy, that you can't collect data other than in the hands you are playing.http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/end_user_lice...eement#externalhttp://www.pokerstars.com/poker/room/tos/pokerstars is more explicit about what "personally observed through the User's own game play" means, at http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/room/prohibited/ :Q May I use a permitted program to record information about players from hands in which I am not playing?A No. You may only collect hand histories and player information from hands in which you are a participant.But I interp
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