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  1. Wow. I hardly ever post, but have to say you are a gigantic d ick. Such an arrogant, proud little tool. I can't wait until you show up at the big games with your phd,statistical analysis, and cold blood and go home broke and crying like a 12 year old girl. I am sure you do nothing more than run for coffee at the DOD,but even having you in the building makes me feel less secure. I never comment on anyone posts, but your such a fool I couldn't stay quiet.You got beat up alot in school, didn't you? I am going to answer your reply in advance about also being a mma-trained ninja in addition to your
  2. thanks for the info..i called the taj and they said most weeknight they only spread 2-5 nl...maybe a got a moron on the phone..would be interested in a few more opinions
  3. Ok, I asked about Niagara Falls poker a few days ago and got great info. Now I found out I have to also go to philly in a month. So now the topic is AC poker. I know I can get a huge game on weekends. What is the biggest nl game I can find during the week? I know it always depends. I am talking about every day regardless of casino traffic. Is there always at least a 5-10 nl 1000 max every night in AC? What about weeknight limit? Thank you in advance for any info?
  4. thank you that pretty much covers it...i assume the 5-10 nl has a 1000 max....what max does the 5-5 have? also do these games run through the night till morning?thanx 13 and fcp you have been extremely helpful...
  5. I know there are alot of Canadians here. Can someone give me a rundown of the biggest nl games spread in Niagara Falls area on weekdays and weekends. I know there is a 10-20nl 3000 max game spread at Fallsview on the weekends. Does that run Fri,Sat and Sunday? Also I was told they spread a 5-10 nl game on weekdays. Is this info accurate? Also what is the biggest games spread at Casino Niagara and Seneca wd/we? I have called the pokerrooms but have learned to not always trust the pokerroom to tell the truth as they tend to exaggerate. Its also my understanding there is no real limit poker of 20
  6. Guess i wasn't totally paranoid. Thanks for link i must have missed it over holidays.
  7. I am sure this had been posted on ad nauseum but I searched and didn't see anything. I just listened to DN interview with Phil Gordon on espn podcast. Here for anyone who missed it http://sports.espn.go.com/espnradio/podcas...ayer?id=2705487Did anyone else feel Phil Gordon was being an intentional **** on this? It seemed he invited DN on his show to set him up and try to embarass him. I thought asking him about his finances on a national broadcast was bad form. I thought he was defensive about his play in Red Rock tourney and offended that Daniel made a comment about the play being strange. T
  8. The whole Bohemian Grove scene is interesting because it crosses political lines and is cloaked in secrecy. It is probably just another billionaire boys club with a bunch of old fat men smoking cigars and talking about investments for the most part. The whole pagan owl worship bit is hard to reconcile with appealing to middle America and that is why they don't want you to see it. Like the Masons,Skull and Bones, and other secret clubs I am sure there are just a few members who pay any credence to what they are actually worshiping. Just the same old country club cronies in a weirder setting.
  9. I rarely post obviously from my count but wanted to on this subject. I also would be curious to get a better glimpse into the whole professional scene when you were an upcoming player and going broke and bouncing back. I am also curious if you think going broke would still be a possibility if you didn't have so many income streams outside poker. Give us a look at poker behind the scenes from a financial angle without mentioning names of course. Tell us how most pros go about getting in the game through staking,selling pieces,or other means. This would be a great service to balance out all the
  10. i think back when the game was filled with rocks and they were involved with that casino in california its possible...the top pros view everyone as marks and suckers it seems...it wasn't like today with internet poker where there is 10000 fish to be had....my guess is more likely collusion and soft playing each other rather than marked cards.....totally just my opinion from what i have read from numerous sources...not that russ georgiev guy who seems totally unreliable to me
  11. you gotta work or step up if you have the bankroll....even if you beat 1/2 limit for 4 or 5 bb an hour its hard to beat the rake...if you could step up to 1/2 nl then it might be worth it to play rather than work but only with adequate roll...at 21 just work..it builds character....not 40 hours though..you got 40 years of that to look forward too..
  12. he didn't bet his whole bankroll...theres just no way...plus he said he used a bunch of friends to spread the money around various sites...if you actually did that you wouldn't tell anyone for fear of the sites not honoring the bets...he was just messing with the more gullible readers of his forum...i am sure he put a nice size bet down though
  13. my guess is just that he was gonna ask daniel a question about the software and then got involved in the hand and wrote another reply on top of it...thats why he said i mean i know it sick in other words...just my guessi do this often...i get pissed at someone who donkeys me on some bad beat and type a bunch of junk in the chat but cool off and don't send it...then 2 hands later someone makes a skillful play on me and when i go to compliment them they get a message thats says...wtf u donkeyaazz mofo im gonna bust ur head open nh
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