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  1. I read a blog of Daniels yesterday about him watching the demacratic national debate. I recall him mentioning there was only one canidate he would vote for. Was it Barak or did he say? I probably should reread the post but was kind of hoping he would be voting for Ron Paul.
  2. I've often wondered about this exact topic. Not that I,m a killer, but there does seem to be times in history where murder would seem to fit the bill.Speaking of bill, I have an uncle named bill in D.C. One year during the holidays I started the conversation and used Hitler as my victim. My scenario was, somehow one was teleported back in time circa 1935. Your in a room with hitler and know the future. I know its a stupid hypothetical but play along. you have your ruger and take the shot!!! Bulls eye. Is it possible that this is Wrong. I mean without getting into the whole wrong and
  3. One instance of Jesus at least not standing up against evil is the lack of clarification he took about slavery. I dont think he said a word about the flourishing practice.
  4. According to wikipedia, Jack Parsin, a practicing Satanist or thelemite (oto) , was the father of the American space program. Before test launches he performed evocations to the pagan god Pan. He was also the founder of the jet propulsion laboratory as well the aerospace corp and also worked as a rocket researcher at the Ca. institute of technology.Is it possible to make a pact with the "devil"? really. The composer Paganini claims to have swore allegiance to the infernal one. it is said Stravinsky as well, was lured to the dark side.So i was wondering if these individuals were already wa
  5. Is it possible to be a Christian and also rise above the third degree in Freemasonry?
  6. Could anyone explain why so many of our world leaders travel to Northern california to attend the annual Bohemian Grove Club.According to some guy named alex who snuck in and filmed the opening cerimonies, they, our leaders, are involved with ritual sacrifices to the caninite god Moloch.the cerimony is on utube as well as Google videos. It really is hard for me to believe our leaders are not of christian orgins. there running around naked worshipping a giant stone owl.sorry this is so scattered and hard to read but I am tired and lazy. I would be curious to hear others response to this whol
  7. Beelzubub did more miracles than other Gentile gods, as is evident from the Old Testament: and also the magician Simon.
  8. adamkadmon

    G3 Heaven

    I would be curious to know how Daniel justifies flying on larry Flints gulf stream jet? Only because I have seen Hustler magazine and there doesn't seem to be much love for Jesus there.
  9. i heard moneymaker would have been a real player if he wouldnt have gotten addicted to cocain>
  10. from what ive heard they all get a chunk of 100. howerd has the most or one of the majorities and someone like clonie has 1%.
  11. i dislike when I get some big theighed buffune next to me and the have their legs spread out as wide as they can go and he keeps rubbing his leg on yours.I dislike, people who call a 10 chip bet by putting out a 20 chip raise then cutting the chips in half and call.i dislike, farters and stinky people in general.I dislike, people who have nervous disorders or rather lack of self controlland cannot stop bouncing their knee up and down.
  12. Looked at some of the pics from the big party at daniels. I really enjoyed the inside peak of daniels world. Even if i wasn't invited, lol.I have wondered if daniel played chess. Having seen the chess set in his house, I am assuming he does. I would like to know his ability.I also think it would be fun to post our abilities.I learned the game about ten years ago and have enjoyed it ever since. When I played on yahoos site last my rating was 1380, nothing to brag about but respectable. Don't play much live being I trounce most of my friends and it is somewhat boring for me. The alternat
  13. Thought i would play the tourney tonight but realized I was lacking the password. Could anyone help? Negreneu, pokerstars.
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