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  1. Wow, u win one hand and thing u can hang with "the best".
  2. Its not that online is rigged, just horrible players who get excited when they see a ace or suited cards, and will call downs those cards to their death beds.u can go all in with any two cards, but guess what, so will everyone else at the table.
  3. Does anyone know who these players are on fulltilt?
  4. U still have the freedom to move to a state were gambling is legal. Theres your freedom.
  5. Does foxwoods have a 24hour liquor license and free drinks while your playing?
  6. He just wanted to tell everyone his brother has 5k in his account.
  7. What place in line are you at the wellfare office
  8. Finally, somebody is making sense on this site.
  9. Your kidding right. U don't know where and how to find a movie.I have a question for everyone, How do I find out what the weather is like outside? I need your help.
  10. Quit watching TV and get a job.
  11. He should loose the earings too.
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