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  1. sdnuol

    The Hideout

    at some point in my life i plan on never waking up before 10am for the rest of my life
  2. sdnuol

    The Questions Game

    How do you not know Prison Break was on the same time as 24?
  3. but i thought jesus was jewish?
  4. ive come to the conclusion gus lied to daniel about how the hand went down.
  5. oh yeah. well i suggest the 330 hu sng then. best of luck over there.
  6. nice job. i just clicked on your blog. i thought that tjslifka was just a bunch of letters. do you pronounce it like slivka? people next door's last name is slivka
  7. what about blow?if not then i say $200 sngor 300. it usually goes 200, 500 tho i think
  8. wow i was reading this thread from the first page and cant believe no one got that. (that i saw) good movie
  9. sdnuol

    The Hideout

    nice post. hope everything is going good for you now. you listed a few of the reasons i dont drink. i never have and dont plan on it. its not worth the chance. whenever im down i like to listen the "Float on" by modest mouseI backed my car into a cop car the other dayWell he just drove off sometimes life's okI ran my mouth off a bit too much oh what did I sayWell you just laughed it off it was all okAnd we'll all float on okAnd we'll all float on okAnd we'll all float on okAnd we'll all float on any way wellWell, a fake Jamaican took every last dime with that scamIt was worth it just to learn
  10. sdnuol

    The Tv Game

    emily procter or proctor?her voice annoys me either way
  11. what a movieChistmas with the cranks
  12. sdnuol

    The Hideout

    wow its only just past midnight. why am i so tired
  13. no i messed up and wrote her first. then i realized that she had just been posted. so i changed it. its all good. i should have just deleted it
  14. Courtney Thorne-SmithKirstie Alley
  15. sdnuol

    The Hideout

    golden theres some good stuff in your blog my fav so far"Why are we so bored when we look at a Christian magazine....but find it easy to read Playboy?There are Christian magazines?"from your myspace"Dave Matthews is God. Seriously."QFT plus more than half of your movies listed are some of my favs.creep
  16. i just spent like a half an hour reading those. nice find
  17. why so damn long thats still another month.
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