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  1. Dude, I played in a cash game with you on Stars like 3 months back and you ignored me in the chat box. YOU'RE DEAD TO ME. Took one pot off of you with BS holdings and you got the hell out of that room.
  2. Jesus can distribute his grace as he sees fit within the confines of what God laid out. For lack of better words there are rules and regulations attached. I believe Ghandi was a good man, that being said I do not know what Ghandi believed insomuch as the details behind it. Did he believe that through Christ was the only way to salvation? If he did that would be the starting point. If he didn't he would be eliminated right out of the gate. I don't mean did he struggle with doubt, we all do, I mean did he see Christ as just a way vs. the only way? From what I have read of Ghandi he believed Ch
  3. Sadly, this is true. Much like the Democratic party, the word Christian is as for sale as anything else is. But, that's o.k.- that just bears the scriptures to be true. Few will be saved, narrow is the way, etc. I find it interesting how so many people can read the scriptures, they know about false teachings and the whole guilty of one guilty of all aspect, and still allow false prophets to lead them astray. I know that people want smooth things, I know that people want to be deceived, that way they can attempt to live with a clear conscience, but it still amazes me how easily it happens.
  4. Wow. This is going to be life changing. Can't I just drop a Stanley Steamer on Annie Dukes back porch? Would that do it?
  5. For the same reason I know that I would not enjoy having sex with a man. It wouldn't be much different than a woman, except for it's a man. I know I would not like that, no matter how awesome my gay friends say it would be when I am drunk and naked in dark rooms with them. No means no. Plus, my sister in law had one and it sucked.
  6. Yeah, well, I hope your babies look like monkeys. Good to hear from you, I thought you may have finally been offed by the enemy. Then I thought "Good." Then I felt bad, but not for long. Everyone needs frienemies. That being said, no one really needs anyone who uses that word in any type of form whatsoever, so truthfully I don't really know where that leaves us. Let's just go with it really is good to hear from you.
  7. You were probably just thirsty, or horny. I don't know. My dreams confuse the hell out of me, too. Mine have been absurdly sexual lately, I don't get it at all.
  8. Surprised no rant so far about this just being a brag post and it only takes 10 students to pay cash for this car. Also, it's easily Accord, and it's not even close in my opinion. My current Accord is on 130,000 and I have never had one problem.
  9. You don't have to question anything- you just do it because you have nothing better to do, but even if they did enjoy it, good. That means they will probably do it really, really well. People get captured that have possible information about possible bad, bad stuff that could very well happen to your family, or mine. The military does what it does to try and find out what they may or may not know. Nobody loses eyes. Nobody loses digits. Nobodies balls are ground to pulp. Most of the techniques used are designed to make the mind think something is happening. It's effective. Until someone ha
  10. Tempting. Do you have good hair? Because Mark has good hair.
  11. Name one place where 3000.00 gets you an automatic in with some of the best players/people on this site, as long as you manage to not be a douche.
  12. I just don't get the animosity towards Steve, as far as I am aware he has never mentioned being a christian or anything like that. Seriously, as soon as I feel comfortable handing over 3,000 I will be begging this guy to take me under his wing. Some of the coolest guys I have met on this forum swear by him, and he always handles himself with class, considering the shit he takes for being a decent dude.
  13. I guess that depends on your definition of service. I suppose if you go to Red Lobster and order a meal from him, and he gives you a bill that charges for your meal plus everyone else that couldn't afford one plus an extra amount just because you could well then I guess he's the best server, like, ever.
  14. Ummmm....no? I do believe that would be the straight thing to say. Gotta keep up the facade, you know?
  15. Definitely going to have to make this a weekly stop from now on, I hated the way it was set up before almost as much as my frequently gay dreams.
  16. I would talk about this with pride. Gay dudes want to **** you, and they have incredible taste in like, everything.
  17. Oh dear. And, no, Chris I do not regret posting the dream. I enjoy being an open book as much as I enjoy a good tossed salad.
  18. Looks like I might have to bow out. Some work stuff has reared its ugly head and my work week being only Sat-Sun-Mon taking the time off may not be doable. I will know for sure pretty quick. That being said, I will probably still come out for some Thursday and Friday fun even if I can't make the weekend.
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