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  1. Hey BG. Hows the balloon biz?
  2. Should just be person. I hope its not people. I reached out to him. Will be "solved" soon. Thanks for the heafs up.
  3. Something religous and boring.
  4. Absolutely no one on any type of radar whatsoever. Well, 2 of them have done some film school/student type stuff but if you have seen it I would be surprised. They have talent, but I see myself as the jam in there jelly roll. Hopefully everyone else finds what we are doing as funny as I do. That's alot to hope for but the ones that do not find it funny wont be able to say it will be for lack of effort, the things we have come up with let it all hang out. I love what we have so far.
  5. I agree on this. I watch them all, check the websites daily, etc., and have found that most people I talk to who think Fox is as right wing as you can get actually don't watch it and the opinion is based solely on what they are told. These people tend to find themselves smack in that pointless/worthless column I am so fond of these days.
  6. Interesting that one segment is gaining viewers and one is losing them daily. Say what you want about people in general, but for the most part if you ****ing outright lie to them all damn day eventually they will leave. If fair and balanced is willing to lie to the people, then no, Fox is not fair and balanced. At all. Thanks God.
  7. All in good time- we meet Friday for Promo shots and a cast party. Yes, Loismustdie has finally started acting. And it's totally GAY. Raise your hand if you saw that coming. Not I.
  8. Maybe, just maybe, because- for the 300th time- I don't care about the GOP. Now, 301- I don't care about the GOP. All I want is a sensible conservative voice. The 2 party system is part of the problem in my view.
  9. Some have unpaid tax liens- all now have a little sweetener where the gubment gives you 25,000 just for moving in. Yes. Detroit is bad. Yes, employment sucks- that's why you attack it all at once. Move in productive citizens, tax dollars roll in, hire a bunch of cops, put a beat-down on the riff- (locals) and clean house. I agree that these could not be rentals, that's why it's key that new blood moves in and the current failures GTFO.
  10. http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/06/17/detroit.a...omes/index.html Houses is Detroit going for 100$. Check Craigslist, there are numerous houses going for 2000.00, quite a few for 15,000.00 or less. How hard would it be to get a few companies, say like a Schwab or a Discover to, hand in hand with some of these bailout bucks, open new call centers and take volunteers within the company to move? Job is already in hand, you wouldn't have enough volunteer so it would spur hiring a bit, land values start going up, etc. It just seems like it would not be that hard to do, especially if the the Governmen
  11. So,a kid gets pregnant, thinks it was a bad idea but is dealing with it, wants to tell others it's a bad idea and because she spoke out it's perfectly okay to make her the butt of who ****ed A-Rod jokes? Okay. Your POV is beyond ridiculous. If what you say makes sense than it would be perfectly okay to picket the Obamas kids school because it's a private school and there dad is against children having that choice. Big giant signs pointing them out with pictures that say "We are better than you" should be perfectly fine. The target isn't really the kids, its the parents, but thats okay becau
  12. How about if he would have said "Better make sure your daughter is not getting ass raped by the Yankee Stadium groundskeeper with his special splinter free wooden rake?" Of course that's not funny, disrespectful and in poor taste, as much as Letterman was. Mine was farther, but hey, its still comedy!!! Yuk, yuk, fellas. Typically there is something wrong when anything goes. Once again, I believe that anything should go, but I do not believe that it should just be ignored or universally excepted as "Meh." Use your free speech, but when yous a dick you should be called so, loudly.
  13. Could also be that you heathens have chased most of them off. Ever think about that, hot shot? I think you in particular will enjoy the gayness of the project I have been working on.
  14. Been there. I think you guys are going to be surprised when I unveil in the near future what I have been working on recently. It's fairly gay. Somebody said that this thread could be a potential trap- I can see how some could see it as that, being that most christians think they are supposed to play some type of role, and thus cannot have dreams that consist of certain things, but dreams are just a conglomeration of everything and anything. Some could have meaning and some make no sense and are just gibberish. I happen to have vivid dreams about lots of things, sinful and not, and enjoy the
  15. The media called Chelsea ugly. They should be better than that, period. That's not a defense. Making news for fake ID's is making news, the Palin kids have as far as we can tell done nothing to make news. Once again, not a defense. I don't agree with everything Rush says, and I certainly don't agree with calling a 13 year old girl a dog, no matter what the context. That being said, knowing how Rush speaks, I would be willing to bet the context would have to be how Chelsea was paraded around as you put it, everywhere. I would bet my favorite cats life that he did not just come out and say "That
  16. Why does it have to be a Republican? I could care less about party as long as the policies make sense. As far as Palin having to much baggage, that's a product of media coverage, not a product of reality. Try not to be so gullible. I'm still amazed at what has been allowed to go on when it comes to her. Obama gay rumours is one thing- what if someone shot an Obama gay porn? How long do you think before that was blasted as disrespectful? Palin was still on the campaign trail and Who's Nailin Palin? was already in the works, with little more than a wimper. Would Letterman have asked if Chels
  17. Home game at Nutzbusters. Going to Canada for the 1st Protege deal is a good memory, in that I met some decent people, of course most have them have vanished from this forum. It's a good memory but not a great one, I watch the DVD about once a year and just sigh.
  18. Sometimes. He likes Heads up Limit Hold Em. He also thinks Daniel is a fish in the big game. Hey, don't look at me. I never said a word, he brought it up.
  19. Some of it is apathy, but a good portion is most people just don't understand the gravity, can't grasp it. Most people can grasp million, might know what a billion means, and by the time trillion rolls around that's just one to many illions and now you lost them. Join that with the constant onslaught of this- then this- then this- then this and people throw up hands and just say **** it, I will take care of me and mine, because the job is too big. We tried on this site, that's for sure, but take me for example- I am vocal pretty much every day in my life and the only ones that are listening
  20. Not done with you, Sal. You're special. That Tactical Bear quote you have made me smile, that's cute.
  21. I will raise you, not only are they not stupid they are purposeful. Obama needs unrest and fear to sell his brand of bullshit as much as Bush ever did.
  22. This Obama fellow truly is amazing, and the press that covers him should all get prizes. I laughed out loud today when I saw Glenn Beck on TV hold up a picture of a Pulitzer and say "See this, NYTimes? This is a Pulitzer prize. You can EARN one of these by covering stories!!" I was pleased to see Bill Maher call Obama out. I don't agree with Maher on much but slowly I have seen a bit of a shift, maybe, just maybe people will start to realize what we knew all along- this dude is a huckster politician at best, arrogant and spineless all at once. What a waste of four years of history.
  23. Naw, I'm more or less indifferent at this point. Those that will believe,will believe. Little can be done by me about it, so now I just make my point, get in an get out. Angry is so 2007.
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