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  1. Well, I hadn't really thought about it while I was doing it, and I thought about it when I wrote about it. So, maybe random recollection would have been a more fair statement. I will say that it strikes me as quite admirable that Mr. Selleck is still to this day hanging on to that stache. Bravo.
  2. It's tough to argue the Bible as literal. I certainly do for the fun of it, but let's be honest. Is it neccesary to believe that the world was created in 6 calendar days? No. Thankfully, it doesn't say that. And on and on and on.
  3. This forum has grown tired. And, I shaved my balls last night. Because I was bored, and had a razor in my hand, and Mr. Baseball was on.
  4. You forgot a "Do you care" option. The answer is no. As long as it doesn't disprove God... and it doesn't even come in the vicinity of it... or disprove his word... which it doesn't as well.... I have no reason to even give it a second thought. What are we on now, possible missing link 2000? Those CFC's are really doing a number on us, aren't they? Eventually, I believe science will finally track it back to that mythical starting point and will find that "Shoot, something had to build this thing." Then, it will be the Dawkins dance, maybe it's aliens, etc., anything but God. I have been wron
  5. How anyone reads this and says "Cool, guy might be innocent" is beyond me. FWIW, lawyers or not, if I was ever accused of molesting my daughter, granddaughter, etc., you would see me everyday holding press conferences with whoever would listen shouting my innocence at the top of my lungs. That's a horrible crime to be accused of, I would not rest until the world knew 10x over exactly how I stood on the matter.
  6. The logical ramifications never bother liberals all that much, what's new?
  7. Actually, it's a reflection of arrogance on your part. You do not know, therefore you assume that no one else can. Finding hypocrisy in it doesn't mean there is actual hypocrisy- it just gives you a reason. Sort of like dating- everything is going great, and then you find she has hammertime in her shoes and it's over. Hammertime didn't really bother you, it was just an excuse. I would be surprised if anybody got that movie reference.
  8. This is just not true, people believe CNN and MSNBC all the time.
  9. So far you aren't looking to good in that battle Kemosabe.
  10. Sweet. Now, show me where that sinners prayer is in the scriptures. Hint: There is a reason they hand you a pamphlet and not a Bible for that.
  11. It wouldn't. The next logical question is, who was he talking to? And, when I say who, I mean, saved or unsaved? Letter to a church or random entity? It matters. Think of it like if I was sitting with a bunch of scientists and they said, "Well, look, write this paper for this magazine and you are guaranteed to get this grant. Hey, by the way, who do you work for?" and when I answer "Schlagles bagels" they would say "Well, not you, but any of these other guys." What I am trying to say is some things apply to the "saved" that apply to literally no one else, so it's silly to quote scriptur
  12. I actually don't mind the the atheism enthusiast, I just wish your God figure Dawkins would spend more time talking about what he does believe vs. Not-God speeches. Alien seeds, anyone?
  13. Naw, lets up the ante. You already know about that scripture, you know the bible as well as I do. Lets show the boys the scripture that describes the sinners prayer. Good luck.
  14. Well, generally I just shove the plastic in the slot and punch in my fave 4 number combination and the box gives me cash. Fairly simple.
  15. I see it more as a great mystery, solved by few. Privileged am I. That being said, I can see the puppet theory, although I much prefer monkey.
  16. Ahhhh, true, very true. So, there must be some way to have ones sins forgiven. Washed, if you will.
  17. The craziest. That doesn't really address the question, though. We are going to reach for constructive conversation this time around.
  18. It's not really the question that should be asked. The real question is "Would you do it?" The answer of course would largely be no. The interesting thing is that as a churchgoer, I can recognize that I personally would not hurt another man in most instances, yet this being an imperfect world in certain situations there must be others willing to do just that. If we must be in a war with another country might as well do what works, or what would be effective. Churchgoer or not, common sense dictates that steps need to be taken that would not be taken in other instances. So, really, somehow y
  19. What about God not hearing the prayers of sinners? That seems to throw a small monkey wrench into this plan. Our sin separates us from God, so that he will not hear us. There has got to be another way.... I wonder what that would be? Now, we know that Christ died for our sins, the blood of Christ shed for many and all that, we know that without his blood there is no salvation, so the question is how can you, or me, or anyone, figuratively get to his blood. Answer that and you may be onto something.
  20. Likely story. You're not really dead to me. Truth is you're one of the last bastions of entertainment on this site.
  21. Oh, you thought I meant an actual back porch....
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