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  1. I would have probably reraised preflop unless you have a decent read on the UTG raiser. The fact that his range is so big on the flop really makes it awkward postflop. On the turn as played, I call, and then probably call a river bet. If checked to, I might value bet it just because I don't believe a hand that beats you (other than MAYBE AA/KK, and even then that's a huge maybe) would check to you on the river.
  2. out as well. thanks for the rail guys
  3. at 85.6k. A9 vs QT AIPF... rivered an ace to double up after pheonix called for it lol. gl
  4. Yeah their fairly good. The key to them is just playing to make it past the bubble when you get to a certain point instead of continuing to take risks. That's the problem most people have in those things, and WHY they're so lucrative. I find that any of the micro-limit rebuy satellites are fairly soft. The $5+R to the daily hundred grands come with a $162 reward, and the $3+r into the million comes with a $215 reward. The amount of people that get in versus. the total field ratio is smaller than the sunday hundred grands sats tho, so you need somewhat of a bankroll to absorb the variance.
  5. out in the daily fifteen in 26th lol. players were pretty weak at my table too.. just didn't have the chips at the end to take advantage.at 14.5k.. i forgot how quick the bubbles comes in these things.
  6. at 11.7k right now.. fairly card dead.Down to 3 tables in the daily fifteen... very shortstacked in that one.
  7. 8.8k currently... semibluffed with an OESD + overcards and got called.. hit the striaght on the riverAlso currently fairly deep in the Daily Fifteen Grand.
  8. lol god damn... i was just about to ship money and say in. Then I doubled up 2nd hand lol. gl all
  9. If an ace comes out, I check/fold. Otherwise I'm leading out most flops and playing accordingly. I think you're really undervaluing TT here if your strictly playing it for set value. I put him on a range much bigger than that.
  10. Kind of off topic, but I tend to delay calls/raises with AA/KK at times just to encourage callers who think I'm weak since I took a bit of time. It's a wonder how much this works.
  11. I flat call. 20 hands isn't a large enough sample to determine that the villain's range is strong enough to fold here. That being said, raising is pretty much committing yourself to a push, and he's only calling with hands that either beat you, or a coinflip at best.
  12. You can't "guess" at the holding of MP... imo his range is fairly wide here. It's more of a question of what range we put the button on. But I agree, being oop here is a disadvantage. As for the other responses, I was considering shoving as a first inclination (AQ, AJ, even AT are horribly overplayed in these). But realistically... the button's range has to be fairly tight. And a shove is realistically only being called by a range of hands which we are an underdog to (I believe so anyways). Considering this, I believe this is a call or fold right here. Position is definitely a consideration, b
  13. I know its mid-october, but figured I'd get this in writing somewhere.1) Play 150 additional SNG's by end of month ($6.50 /18 Turbos on Stars)2) Get bankroll upto 1k ($250 profit off of $975 invested... ~25% ROI, running at about 50% through today..common sense says this is a good run, but just thinking back on hands... I think the SNG's are just that soft?)3) Move up from 6-tabling to 8-tabling.I don't really get much time to play poker since I'm always either in school or working fulltime. It's initially why I started playing cash games for a bit trying out 10NL.. and while I was fairly succ
  14. Stack to Pot Ratio I believe. And yes, I shove here.
  15. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t30 (9 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FCP)BB (t2720)UTG (t2980)UTG+1 (t2680)MP1 (t3920)MP2 (t2200)MP3 (t3220)CO (t2840)Button (t3420)Hero (t3020)Preflop: Hero is SB with K , A . 2 folds, MP1 raises to t120, 3 folds, Button raises to t540, Hero ?No reads.
  16. I might be interested but I haven't been at any other of these so I'll understand either way. I live in sauga near sq1 as well.
  17. Math looks good (well slightly higher if you discount 1 possible hand from each subsequent person, but that's just being picky lol), didn't think it would be that high. Nice to know for the future, never actually tried working out these numbers myself.I flat call here. Your way ahead of his range. I think that 1400 is still a large enough amount that the people behind you would not get involved in this hand considering your action without a hand, a large portion of which dominates your AT. I don't think an isolation play here really does much other than trap your still fairly sizable stack aga
  18. Turbo's are higher variance, but in the end it doesn't really make a major difference (i think). The additional $/hr makes it advantageous for me personally.
  19. What I sometimes do when variance gets the best of me is just firing up a 1 dollar sit n go and blowing off steam, or just getting off the computer for a while and coming back when I'm less pissed. Which hasn't been much lately, I just accept that Stars likes to rape me in the ass for stretches that seem overly cruel, and continue to play until my 60 40s and 70 30s hold up.
  20. Agreed. I'm saying from a sorely cEV point of view, if I'm shoved against, I'd need to be about 40% to call against his range, which I figure I wouldn't be if he does shove. It's basically just a back door in case I'm up against a strong hand in the blinds. I'm risking 25% of my stack in order to add about 15% on to my stack, which I assume will happen most of the time. The odd time I'm shoved against, I'll let go of the hand because I'd figure I'd be way behind. Overall its a +EV play, and I THINK moreso than just shoving and hoping for the best. I'm assuming both plays are +EV, just the rais
  21. I was under the impression that bubbling is the worst possible thing you could do, and in my experience that seems to be supported by ICM. I'll need to go over some stats to be sure, but I think that I do tend to get more of my share of 1sts and 2nds when im in the cash, but I think that was always my ability to play push or fold poker when im ITM. Most of the material I've read though seems to reflect a priority of:1) Cash first2) Go for the winAny arguments for or against this would be appreciated. Thanks for the responses so far.
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