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  1. I agree... the music did make me laugh when I heard it... but...as far as getting a deal and whatever I recall a conversation he had with some guy who said his dad was some big producer or something, basically Prahlad said he wasn't doing this for money (we all know what he does for $) he just was doing this to get his songs out there (to spread his buddhism/spirit rock/mahatma message). He said the cuts sounded real bad b/c he recordeded them poorly and that the final cut would be much better.So, he knows he doesn't flow that well, but it's one of his biggest hobbies (along side bball and su
  2. yeah me and a buddy always talk about quad 9's, but really when teddy says 'i don't have spades' mike's face wouldn't sink... teddy know's he's good.. also... earlier post about them playing in AC.. he's just saying the physical tells are so huge that they have no chance... notthat hard to believe..-- about the OP's question 3.... what did teddy fold there... ok so mike goes all-in, teddy know's he's way behind.. and str8 up chip value he should fold.. but..... mike is playing for his life (or something like that)... I think Teddy should call with anything... he wins 1 out of 10 at worst and o
  3. ---probably not interesting to people who don't know who Irv is.. he doesn't sing, but he's always in the Music videos, lolI'm young and into hip-hop so I just got a kick out of seeing Irv Gotti playing online at Full Tilt 5/10nl with Paul Wolfe.. I had seen him chat with Ivey a little before but didn't know it was him... Irv is CEO of Murda Inc. (ashanti, ja rule <-- not a big deal anymore b/c of what 50 did to him)ha 5/10 NL... talk about playing within your bankroll, although he did end up going all in with Wolfe in an unraised pot, with kq on a q85 board vs. wolfe q8... guess ivey does
  4. true.. green plastic hasn't been playing that much lately, but Mahatma did say "he (green plastic) never loses a pot", and he was fairly serious, simply implying how good he was..about this other debate, Ivey has owned Prahlad for the past few days, and I think that Ivey is the better player, but that is obviously a guess. As stated earlier the variance in NL HU and shorthands is extremely high. But I have always watched on and off prahlad play while I am multiing, and the past few days he's been on a slider vs. everyone. Then today when Matusow was playing him he was playing pretty timid,
  5. I'm from that area, and yeah, you might as well head up to AC on the weekends instead of looking for a home game unless you're just trying to hang out... But the DC area might have a decent amount of home games.. I interned there one summer and a few g'town buddies showed me some good games.. so hit up other poster for those.. and to the other poster...dont say sh*t about the Skins man... this is our year.. CPortis.. Moss, Ramsey... Gibbs is finally comfortable.. and the Eagles are gonna not be getting the top performance from the best player in the game (TO should get more money), and Dalla
  6. as u know (or can see) Ivey is my dawg... so I've watched him for the past few days.. and your right, he is sick.. but so is SR/Mahat/Prahlad.. the best games are late at night when Matusow joins and someother guy does, sometimes grinder...But as far as Ivey loaning him money, he only had to spot Spirit Rock the money on Full Tilt, then Spirit transferred the amount to Ivey's UB account, joe buttons. Not actually in debt to Ivey, just transfer... I've never had to worry about it but I bet neteller deposits might max at at 50-100k a day,... or just because Mahat has so much money on UB he just
  7. why don't you just datamine the pstars 10/20, the ub 50/100, 25/50, and the party 2k and then sort through PT... someone should do this, and I know people have a lot of hands on these guys.... poster @ 2+2 has post about this....then find out who the biggest winner is..2+2 thread says that H@LL preys on weak players, but is avg. if not losing money to the strong players, that's the way his game is set up, playing any two cards and making moves... I'd say spirit rock/mahatma... he pwnd me when I played the 25/50 (still building roll to get back there)
  8. Yeah he was sitting with almost 40K, and buy in is 2k but no one knows how much he is up for sure because of the Pokerstars rebuy flaw:Whenever you go all in, say he has 3k and he pushes the 3k at any pot, he can rebuy during the small period, thus when pot is done he would could have 5k without having won any money. He does this everytime he pushes, but no doubt he wins a lot, just a lot of it is rebuys.
  9. Hey Barry, you remember when I was talking like the count from seasame street, and I was saying VUN! TWO! TREEEE MILLION DOLLARS! yeah, f..ing hilarious post, but Spade.... tell me u got this from Chappelle's standup 'Killing Me Softly'
  10. very nice spademan... except you know Ivey's blog would be more gangsta than that... he's cocky as sh*t, I mean that in a good way, very confidant and he would include some of the compulsive side gambling he does..ne ways, Ivey would never have a book or blog because besides all the basic math and even expert plays from HOH's (tournies) and other books for cash games his edge comes from focus and feel, something that can't be quantified into a book.oh... and random question about Phil and DN... in recent blog about no one here for his birthday, DN says that Ivey is in LA, and another one they
  11. what tourney is this control freak (buy in), cuz that play of KK is atrocious..
  12. that is the most useless advice ever... (esp. with the situation)with stacks that deep, around 15000, calling 400 is auto with that hand, the implied odds there are crazy..he loves the situation when the chips went in,the other player played KK the worst ever,nice hand control freak, online poker, it's a b*tch.
  13. get a dell fp2001, that's pretty much the standard for no overlap, a 1600x 1200 res., and dell has them on sale for about 525, and sometimes can find them a little cheaper.-
  14. your method does work.... my boy mike likes to call the people that sit with about the min. to double up "short stack superstars"I used to do that in the stars 5/10 game, made some nice change, then I started sitting with 1k and you can call the small pp and set up and stack them for over a 2k pot. Though it is more difficult to play with a big stack. So since it is all about money, you might as well do what's working for you. Because you def. wouldn't feel good about losing 1k with AA or KK. Only really good players can play with deep stacks, no cut on you, but it's the truth.GL... hope i
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