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  1. I know this has been posted a million times but can someone please post a link to his website. I tried using the search function but am a moron. Flame away.
  2. If you advance to the next level do they give you the cash, automattically register you for the next step, or give to a token? Thanks in advance
  3. Yup. This is the second time in the last week.
  4. I ordered DN's DVD about 6 weeks ago and still haven't received it. The recording said it would take 4-6 weeks and I'm just getting a little curious. When should I expect it? Thanks
  5. Who is Waddello on UB? Cause he is rolling neverwin right now. NW down about 60k right now i think.
  6. DC has been saying rd in the chat box a lot. What does that mean?
  7. why tomorrow. i thought it was 1 hour after the 3 billionth hand.
  8. yes they do have websites but they don't say what games they spread.
  9. I am going to Shreveport this weekend and have never been before. I think only Horseshoe, Hollywood, and Sam's Town have poker. My question is what limits do they spread? Thanks in advance.
  10. What sites can I clear the bonus the fastest. I usually play $.25/$.50 NL. Also, is there a bonus code for me to get more PSO points per site? Thanks in advance.
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