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  1. Don't be sad and here's why: Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Silver Plush King set =$2069 (not a terrible price for a truly excellent mattress) I don't know what the Treyford is without looking at the foam layering and coil but lets assume it's a mid-range Sealy PosturePedic Queen set since you mentioned the possibility of a $700 floor model in a previous post. A mid range Sealy Posturepedic would be $699-799 at my store. Often times a "floor model" is code for comfort return which means someone slept on it for up to however long the stores comfort return policy(30 days?) and then exchan
  2. I don't post here but I do have a mattress store. I'm in a completely different market but it's not like there's that much difference in price between the national chains and my single store. I'll be happy to give you some info. You're on the right track by lying down on mattresses and then looking at the price but don't spend that amount of money for that mattress. I have no idea what store you were at but a quick online search shows Us-mattress.com has the same mattress listed for 1800 and they're overpriced. If you're going to drop 2100 on a queen, buy a Tempurpedic Cloud Prima f
  3. Drinking and driving is always a bad decision. I was pretty disappointed when he was traded since he was the best 2 way player on the team. I'm still going to root for him unlike other AVS fans who are currently enjoying the schadenfreude from this DUI.
  4. GGG wants a payday and who can blame him. He's willing to split purses with far lesser opponents at catch weights because he needs to earn. I hate how the Premier Championship Boxing cards are spread over several channels with the full gambit of quality match-ups. NBC, CBS, TruTV, ESPN, NBCSN, HBO and I'm probably forgetting other channels will air PCB cards. I was watching a fight a few weeks ago and NBC moved the fight to NBCSN mid flucking main event fight. No joke. I was not happy since I had recorded the program.
  5. GGG would destroy Canelo. Also, I'm not so sure Canelo would get past Cotto. Cotto looked really good under a professional trainer instead of his dad, uncle, or whatever familia he was using during the majority of his career. I think Cotto is on a completely different tier if he had a real trainer during his prime years. Canelo may be the most well liked boxer in the world. I can't think of anyone else who even comes close. Pacquiao maybe? Canelo is one of the biggest light welterweights I've seen. He hits super hard, can actually box, and he's got speed for his size which
  6. Me too. Anything to reduce the numbers of times the outcome of a game is decided by a shootout. I didn't know there was already a rule about forfeiting the game point if a goalie is pulled in OT and the team loses. I guess I've never seen it happen. I love the offsides review and coaches challenge. I'm guessing it's going to be used instead of just calling a time out every single time a team wants to call a timeout after a stoppage in their own zone during a long shift. There's no downside to challenging the entry unless I'm missing something. I'm not sure about the goalie inte
  7. How great are these rule changes? I'm thinking they're pretty freaking great.
  8. ah nuts. I confused System of a Down with Rage Against the Machine. Oh well:
  9. Something seems wrong about someone named CummyBear tweeting videos of boys. I thought Otto was around 12 but still, CummyBear.
  10. I suggest you stop after season 3 and pretend HBO cancelled the show without any major resolutions. I don't remember any HBO show jumping the shark as badly as Big Love.
  11. One think I absolutely hate about super speed or strength is they never address the physics involved with footwear, whatever surface they are moving on, and air displacement.
  12. 2 was amazing. I'm not going to click that link and risk actually thinking about the movie.
  13. Roz is the embodiment of the female goddess form. Ramsey's GF had that super thin body type that's become chic due to scarcity but in reality makes the sexing uncomfortable due to hard hip and ass bones poking into the pelvis. The bones are like a governor for hard banging.
  14. It's a great tune about a dude who only has moldy bread to eat but his neighbors have modela and Nutella.
  15. I have no idea of what's happening here but removing law tags by the retailer is illegal in the USA. This sounds like super supreme bull snot. Just to give you an idea, a middle price point for a king sealy posturepedic mattress Retail is 803.
  16. I think I understand this position. You're saying less people being armed makes you feel safer. I would say feeling safe is very important but being safe is way more important. I think the cops are more dangerous than the tryhards if I'm to assume correctly that you mean bubba the gun nut who carries a pistol on his hip as the tryhards.
  17. Jim Jeffries is funny. Chris Rock is funnier and way more on point. http://youtu.be/gYZLKqGhSZs skip to 6minutes if I didn't imbed properly.
  18. Yes, armed citizens can make a difference in conflicts. I know you, and probably most people on this forum, don't share in this opinion which is a luxury Canadians and citizens of the U.S. are afforded due to this exact place and time. Nobody knows what the future holds but I contend that history and human nature shouldn't be ignored.
  19. Yeah, my position sounds radical. The history of violence against every single racial population in the world since before recorded history shows us targeted violence is guaranteed to happen over and over again.
  20. Of course you can do, say, think, feel, express, etc whatever you want. I'm just saying from an outsider reading last weeks posts that it seems like these issues should be out of the closet and brought into the light of day if you will. I think Armeniansanyone should feel free to speak openly about the different positions within a group instead of only to each other behind closed doors even if it's about the more radical or militant positions. I know it's complicated and not an easy thing to communicate in writing. Everyone has generalized positions and opinions they can share in
  21. I don't know how anyone could forgive Turkey without being many generations removed. I also don't know anyone would deny their human right to defend themselves by not taking steps to be armed no matter what country they currently reside. I would expect it to be harder to ignore the dark side of humanity when your very recent ancestors were targets of genocide.
  22. I don't understand why a couple of people have told Serge to STFU because they don't want to talk about radicalized opinions publicly but they would be fine talking to him in a private conversation. It seems counterproductive to me if the issues Serge brought up can only be spoken about between Armenians in private.
  23. James Best who was known for playing Rosco P. Coltrane on the Dukes of Hazzard passed away. https://youtu.be/jkDtNBsB8T4
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