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  1. 12 teams, starting 2 RBs and drafting at least 1 backup. That's 36 RBs gone. Everybody drafts 2 backups, that's 48 guys gone.
  2. I agree. A blog is no place to talk about yourself.
  3. Thanks for the rostersI hope you get to play Erick Lindgren week 6. He'll lose his K, 1 starting RB and both backup RBs, and #3 and #4 WR.His team isn't bad with the exception of Wilford (barely backup worthy let alone starting) but his best bench player is Maroney, who is not even going to start for NE and is on bye the same time as C.Taylor. Not to mention Maroney will be splitting time at best. Seeing Jones-Drew drafted has to mean Greg Jones is gone. I figured as much, but was worth a shot.Josh Arieh has a pretty good team despite the injury risk. 2 top 10 backs, with a potential starter l
  4. It would be kind of cool to see the other teams.... B) With the exception of Burress (not picking him, just the price paid), I think you did pretty well.
  5. It's a shoulder subluxation. It basically popped out of joint then went back in. They are going to rehab it, no surgery or anything for it. He'll be out until the start of the regular season, but I expect he'll play in the opener. The important part is that it can be a nagging injury and follow him the whole season. I suspect if that happens, he'll play, but split time.Side note #3 team and #9 team must've been pretty crappy to keep the guys they did.
  6. And Jack Tatum is #2. Then maybe Steve Atwater. Taylor's attitude holds him back. If he approached the game like Jerry Rice, then Taylor has the talent to be the best Defensive player in the league. But he'll never approach the game that way.
  7. In the second order, I'd take Ronnie Brown over Portis. it's a tough spot, because Portis could be good to go, or with that kind of injury, it could nag him all year.Miami should be much improved this year, and Brown may even be worth your keep spot next year. I suggest you plan to pick up Addai at some point, as I expect Rhodes won't last in the starting spot. Addai could be worth keeping next year.
  8. Although I don't think he's going to be that great, Stallworth is the best guy on the wire as a backup WR. Brees can't make him catch the ball though.You've got some guys I didn't expect on the wire (In one of my leagues, Booker, Stallworth, Braylon, B. Loyd and Reggie Brown were all drafted. Late, but drafted). Who's out there at QB? I was gonna recommend Kitna as I'm sure he's on the wire, but same bye week as Culpepper. Otherwise, with Martz in town and Detroit's schedule against poor defenses, he would've been a not terrible backup. I think you're pretty deep at RB, no need for Anderso
  9. Burleson is bound to have been picked up.I think Marty Booker is a pretty good pick up. Chambers becomes a much bigger threat now that Gus Frerotte has been replaced. Coverage will roll over to Chambers, and Booker has the skills to be a good #2 guy for Miami. He needs to get into a freaking pre season game though.Off of waivers, Anderson isn't a bad pick up depending on who else is out there. Not a fan of Leftwich though.At least start Foster for McGahee week 1. Buffalo plays NE, and Car plays Atl. EDIT: Are Braylon Edwards or Dennis Northcutt available?
  10. Dallas didn't bring in TO only to throw passes to the TE. Witten's not bad, but I'd expect numbers to drop, not go up. Good value with Culpepper and Foster, as mentioned already. I think Westbrook was a little overpriced even for pts. per rec., but not too bad. I can't believe no one's mentioned Burress going for more than Chambers!! Personally, I wouldn't have paid more than $7 or so for Burress. Mcgahee is going to be the worst money you spent though, I think. Buffalo will have to abandon the run in the first quarter of most games.Who's left on the waiver wire? And who has DeAngelo Wil
  11. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/loca...86_danny15.htmlSeems like newspapers in WA can't even print Daniel's articles. It's great what they did to the guy with the website mentioned in the article. You can tell people how to make a bomb on the internet, but you can't talk poker.
  12. What screech is pointing out above is that aggression factor is relative to VPIP. If a guy has a 95 VPIP and AF of .88, he's actually kind of aggressive aggressive.
  13. Because of the callers in between, I'd just call pre-flop. Then check raise the flop or check/call to check raise the turn.
  14. Looks like he made two pair to me, probably QT since he called two cold on the flop.
  15. Most likely. Lead the turn. Unless he has a 6, he is most likely to just call the turn. If he's not a LAG, you could bet/fold the turn.
  16. I wouldn't play this pre-flop, but if I did, I'd check raise the flop.
  17. SB against a raise should almost always be three bet or fold. No sense playing OOP, letting in BB cheap, and not even having the lead.
  18. Not saying this about jjdylan per se, but a lot of people tend to think they must be aggressive in SH, and tend to lose sight of the value in checking. It's a little weird that a check/call can be part of aggressive play, but sometimes it can. And check raising should be a fair part of your game. Lots of people are going to be betting when you check unless you give them pause.
  19. That would lead me to calling too, but I do think you see a worse Ace here a lot. Still, not worth getting re-raised over.
  20. Being the sole non-numbers talker on the board, I'd say there are different levels of passive, and it's up to you to decide at the table whether he's betting or not. I think it would be more likely for him to bet had he had to cold call PF, but it all depends on what you think the guy will do.I think screech is right that giving a free card here is not a terrible crime.
  21. You said you have a large sample - have you seen him do it before that you remember? Isn't .88 very really passive? If I could see his stats before hand, maybe I could convince myself to fold, but I see no harm in a flop raise as is. If he three bets, I can fold and as passive as he is, I can probably at least check behind on the turn if needed.
  22. Sorry, joke. 'Cause I went passive there.EDIT: Anyway, might as well spill the beans. AA. This was one of those hands where I just had a bead on the guy. KK, QQ, JJ just calls my flop check raise. That leaves AA or AK. If I raise the turn, AA he three bets me and AK he calls down. He may even fold the river w/AK based on his read of me (which is that I'm playing lots of hands and may have a 9).
  23. No, we beat a 6 or a nothing. 2 hands we beat aren't calling, and the one that beats us calls a lot.Typical opponent would not fold a 9 right after betting it on the end, but maybe they are better at 5/10 than 1/2.
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