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  1. Stupid internet. There do seem to be a lot of people trying to be smart a**es on this board though. Too bad most never get the first part right.(not really re:nutz's answer though. Pretty tame, and he even linked to the answer)
  2. He did mention his team in the blog though. Who's on the wire? The Jets have GB this week, and neither team in the Oak/Hou game has a good run defense...
  3. You can't just up and post something political. You have to wait 'til it's peripherally mentioned in the blog.
  4. I wrote Kosovo, not Bosnia. Milosevic's genocide campaign was pretty much ended by a (relatively) short air campaign. To borrow from the Brits, bollocks. I suspect they have no interest in telling people their real purposes, and that's the way government has been since government was invented. But, I do agree with your overall point about oil in that America acts in its self interest. Oil is an interest. And it doesn't require a specific mention by those in power to be obvious that it is part of the reasoning.
  5. Where did you get that? This is Arabs killing Africans.
  6. I'm in a 12 man league where half the people autodrafted. A guy picked Peyton Manning third, and then because of the autodrafters also ended up with Westbrook, Steve Smith, and the Chicago D.
  7. Sure. Religion and peace often have nothing to do with each other, and violence is hardly exclusively committed by Muslims. You might want to separate regions with conflict from regions committing genocide.As for what we do about it, that would be case by case. We did bomb Serbia for about a week to stop the genocide in Kosovo. That worked pretty well.
  8. Death and taxes. I just hope it doesn't fall under the unearned income or whatever that lottery winnings do, where you give back more than half. I hope the dems win, not so much for poker, but hopefully to find out what the secret energy policy is. I guess I'm just silly, but I can't help but think the energy policy is something we should know.
  9. Serbs aren't Muslims. Hitler wasn't muslim. Neither was Napoleon. Great movie. I saw the 60 Mins. piece too. I like how we're cozying up to Bin Laden's last landlord. Besides, it's only Africans getting killed.
  10. That's clever, but the writer of your article apparently doesn't know what the second law of thermodynamics is.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_law_of...#Time.27s_ArrowThermodynamics laws, and physics in general, are pretty hard to flout. Also, the article you linked has few sources cited :"One might not mind spending the money if it bought us something--energy independence, say, or cleaner air. But based on current evidence, it doesn't. Ethanol contains only about two-thirds as much energy per gallon as gasoline, so cars using ethanol blends get lower mileage. (no citation, but I'll accept
  11. Why? She left out that they both have black hair. That's the most interesting part. I'm jumping in a little late, but care to explain?
  12. Nice. Lots of pucker factor approaching the turns from that fast I bet.
  13. Nice job considering you've never driven stick before. I'm surprised you didn't stall on the start. It's hard to find the friction point, and I'd expect a race car is not very forgiving. I drove an automatic for 10 years before learning stick a few years ago. Took me more than one time to learn, that's for sure. Racing is a hobby of mine, but just in my little rinky-dink Honda. What was your top speed? Did you drive the same car for the 8 more laps you were going to do?
  14. In part. This particular legislation is flawed in every respect, so even if I felt the government should be involved in every aspect of their citizens lives, I'd still object to the legislation. Depends on what you mean by affairs, but obviously anarchy is not a government, so by definition any government involves itself in the affairs of its citizens to some degree. I am not an anarchist most of the time. Knife fights are already illegal. No one lives in a vacuum.
  15. Really? Immigrants are not entitled to Consitutional rights? No freedom of speech or religion? No right to a fair and speedy trial? Immigrants can be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment?Permanent residents can donate to political campaigns, that makes them non-citizens with a voice in politics.Not that it matters, but my dad is a citizen. Yeah, 'cause the US never tries to influence politics in other countries. And I suggest you look up the word hypocrisy, because living in a place and speaking your mind is not it.
  16. When did sticking to what you believe become a good thing? If the guy believes aliens and the Russians are planning to take over the world, why is it good that he sticks to it?
  17. You did voice points from a position, so I replied to those. The 'you' in my post refers to the voice that you assumed. Whether it's yours or not is irrelevant. I object to it on any ground anyone thinks the piece of crap rests on. If you frame your question better, I can have a better idea of what you want from me.
  18. I'm answering this post before reading replies, so I might repeat points already made. There are people who are compulsive shoppers. If you google compulsive shopping, you will find many links to stories of people who have spent everything they had, more than they had, and reduced themselves to crime to continue their addiction. So I ask you, where is your outrage for Presidents' Day Sales? And Labor Day, and Valentine's Day, and Memorial Day sales? You get the idea. Oh no, not aggrandizement of undeserving individuals!! That's more evil than genocide!There are so many things I can say her
  19. How long does one have to be here before they can have an opinion? My dad's been here longer than you've been alive, can he have one? You're right about one thing though, how dare he encourage political action? This is not some kind of democracy for the people and by the people. People are supposed to be apathetic. Don't vote or die! At the very least, if you're going to vote, it had damn well be for something you have no interest in. Hey, speak for yourself, I know how government works. Of course it's happened before, that's how congressmen get the prizes they take back to their di
  20. When you discuss something, you can choose whatever the **** words you want. People ought to not get their panties in a wad because they have poor reading comprehension. Or more likely, read the name 'Ahmedinejad' and stopped using their brains. His freedom of speech was provided by the framers on the Constitution and is protected by the government of the United States. And his freedom of speech is more likely to be threatened from within than the rest of the world, so any stance the President takes 'against' the rest of the world doesn't provide free speech. So now when you talk abou
  21. You can let Baskett go now, the Eagles traded for Stallworth. With Greg Jones out for the season, was Toefield picked up? He looked good against Tampa the other day.
  22. Gibbs won't bench his life-saving church buddy Brunell. Honestly I think a lot of people are overreacting to Portis's injury. The reason I'd go with Brown is that I think Brown is going to get involved in the passing game as well, and teams can't stack men in the box against Miami like they can against Washington.
  23. Auction draft. He got them both by paying for them. Can't say for sure without seeing what he paid, but he's gotten some good value, as he has a pretty good team.
  24. First pick has to be a RB even with 3 WR+ W/TE. Already gone are LJ, LT, C. Williams, Edge, and Barber. SA will go, as will Jackson and Johnson. If he waits for #2, also gone will be Brown, Portis, Lamont Jordan, Westbrook, McGahee, Willie Parker, Domanick Davis, and at least one of the Joneses. If his opponents know what they are doing that is. Supertouch's best bet is to go RB, RB, WR (Reggie Wayne if you want the dbl TD pts).
  25. You have to take a back with your first pick. At #4, he's not going to pick again for another 12 picks. If the guys drafting know what they are doing, picking the wrong guy at #1 can screw his whole draft.
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