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    Nhl 09

    Correct answer is buy both. I bought the game for 360 though. 34 games as a RW for the Nucks 17 AHL 17 NHL 35 G 17 A Knocked Daniel Sedin off the first line about 5 games ago and have been on fire ever since. Still a 79 overall rating though. Does the experience start adding up quicker? Seems to take forever. Anyone played as a goalie? I started but it is ridiculously boring.
  2. DeceptionWow. Slow start and a bad ending. I want my 2 hours back.
  3. I assume your talking about Force unleashed and Rock Band 2 which are next Tuesday and Sunday respectively. I guess I'm just lucky? ;)Really though I just get the big release titles a week early. Not everything. Recently. Mercs 2, Force Unleashed, Madden. It's kind of nice and kind of lame at the same time because there is almost nobody online anyway. I love Rock Band 2 though. There msg of the day is "Did you check out the impossible battle yet? Prove you are worthy of owning the game early!!!" Stupid little thing but I think it's pretty cool to have the shoutout for the people who get it ea
  4. Busy week for games. Got Force Unleashed yesterday played it for a few hours and will probably put in a few more tonight after work. So far I'm quite impressed. Although I had low expectations given all the bad reviews people had been giving it.Today I also got NHL 09 and Rock Band 2 so could be a long night ahead for me
  5. Never feel sorry for a Pats fan. Goodbye Super Bowl OBV. Goodbye playoffs?
  6. Watched Run,Fatboy,RunIt was pretty much what I was expecting. Decent. Few laughs.
  7. The Hudsucker ProxyI'm a sucker for anything by the Coens.
  8. You sir, are an idiot. Nice bet WK too bad there's no way Brennan plays enough for it to go through.
  9. Been playing Mercs 2 for the last couple days.If you liked Mercs 1 you'll like Mercs 2. Basically the exact same game with better graphics. Still amazingly fun.
  10. Started playing Oblivion again before the onslaught of fall releases hits. It's amazing to me that even after putting literally hundreds of hours into this game I can still find new things.
  11. Lets take a look shall we?Cutler, Jay DEN QB Edwards, Trent BUF QBGrossman, Rex CHI QBO'Sullivan, J.T. SFO QB Bush, Michael OAK RB Johnson, Chris TEN RB ®Lynch, Marshawn BUF RB Stewart, Jonathan CAR RB ®Wright, Jason CLE RBBranch, Deion SEA WR Clayton, Mark BAL WR Coles, Laveranues NYJ WRFranklin, Will KCC WR ®Henry, Chris FA WRJohnson, Calvin DET WRMeachem, Robert NOS WRRobinson, Laurent ATL WRSmith, Steve CAR WRTaylor, Courtney SEA WR Thomas, Devin WAS WR ®Fasano, Anthony MIA TEMiller, Heath PIT TE Smith, L.J. PHI TE Brown, Josh STL PKBurton, Keenan STL WR ®Hall, Roy IND WR You really
  12. I liked We are Marshall ?? Agreed on everything else though.
  13. Actually just bought and finished this game today. Took a little over 5 hours. Was excellent. Probably never play it again mind you 8/10
  14. If he was going to take it we never would have heard about it.
  15. How has this post been up for over a month and not gotten a single response? There's gotta be a couple fantasy football addicts around here!?
  16. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0804492/I didn't watch it but come on! No way this is watchable.
  17. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0116756/I remember going to see this movie in the theater when it came out with my grandfather. I don't remember the movie at all, but I assume it was incredibly horrible.
  18. I actually liked 1 vs 100 and I heard good things about Journeyman although I never watched it.Don't usually get into new shows but one show I liked from 2 years ago now (I think) Was Studio 60. How did that show not last longer?Realistically I'm just glad Chuck isn't on that list.
  19. I am in the original dynasty league and WKT is an excellent, fair commish who runs a great league.Also for any who are interested you'll be joining a great group of owners, should be another good year.
  20. I am in the original dynasty league and WKT is an excellent, fair commish who runs a great league. Also for any who are interested you'll be joining a great group of owners, should be another good year.
  21. Definitely need to do an FCP game. Count me in My code: 4639-9296-7266
  22. Current Fantasy football budget : $550 6 LeaguesAnd I'm not in a single redraft yet.
  23. I'll get it set up. I'm trying to talk WKT into doing another league so he can commish as he has the experience. If you want to make a thread in the baseball/hockey forums I'm sure we can get this filled up in no time.
  24. Beware the addiction that is dynasty leagues..This was my first one last year.... Now I'm in 5. That being said I would totally join FCP dynasty league 2 if given the choice
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