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  1. I was wondering where you think the best place to keep your money now? I have an account with Epassporte and have some money in there and some money on Pokerstars. I dont want the same thing happening with Neteller to happen to Epassporte or another Ewallet. So Should I keep all my money on Pokerstars and just move money on occasion or on Epassporte?
  2. Yeah the defense couldnt stop the run at all and was on the field because they couldnt get a 3 and out to save their lives. Then you have a terrible coaching job by the Bears offense. Lets run at 2 times and the throw a deep ball in the rain when you give your QB no chance of getting into a groove. Dont put this all on Rex.
  3. Yeah it was tough since it was the other blind raising me. THanks for the feedback.
  4. Just got to the table and played a couple of handsPOKERSTARS GAME #8277881084: HOLD'EM NO LIMIT ($0.50/$1.00) - 2007/02/04 - 13:41:36 (ET)Table 'Helionape' 9-max Seat #4 is the buttonSeat 1: Gregory06 ($106.90 in chips)Seat 2: BitaLemon ($104.40 in chips)Seat 3: HoleOrphan ($75.95 in chips)Seat 4: Mikelazer ($53.95 in chips)Seat 5: thevoice72 ($122.55 in chips)Seat 6: Cadam11 ($104.50 in chips)Seat 7: robster2121 ($69.45 in chips)Seat 8: 1Cowboys ($103.10 in chips)Seat 9: jinmasterDK ($81.20 in chips)thevoice72: posts small blind $0.50Cadam11: posts big blind $1*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Cada
  5. I just got an email saying US players can deposit. I doubt they are closing down. Its obvious that listing has their information wrong.
  6. Epassporte is working great for me. It took about 2 and half weeks (since I set it up through my checking account) to get it all set up but work great.
  7. Yeah I thought it was cool that he took suggestion and answered questions.
  8. Stole this from 2+2 forums. FTPDoug posted answers to all question that was asked in a thread over there. Lots of other questions were answered also.Original thread:http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showflat...e=1#Post8997079
  9. On a side note read in a 2=2 thread where a Full Tilt Rep. said they are hoping a new payment processor would be up by tonighthttp://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showthre...page=0&vc=1
  10. I think things will pick up once every gets verified for Epassporte that takes awhile if you do it by check account.
  11. Chexx Inc is used by Pokerstars right. Anyword on Bodogs Payouts? They use a company called Pay(something). I cashed a check by them last week and jsut requested two more checks from them.
  12. I am pretty sure they are pulling their advertising out of the US market. I have not read that they are pulling out of the US completely.
  13. I requested my payout the 24th and kept bugging them about a tracking number. I got my check FedEx.. They should send you a tracking number right when they send it out. I would keep emailing them requesting a tracking number or call. Their response time is pretty fast.
  14. I have requested 2 checks. One about a week ago and received it today and deposited it. Just cashed out some more and will receive in a week. If you have any problems call them. Their support is great.
  15. Thanks I appreciate it. It just weird they keep asking me to load funds when I have tried. I will wait till I hear something or next friday (when my funds are suppose to hit_
  16. After verifying your account it brings you to where you load your money onto the epassporte account. I pick fund with US bank account then I hit how much I want to deposit (I know it takes 7 days to hit your account) but when I log off and then log back on it will ask me to load funds on to my account. It wont allow me to see a history of I have tried to load. Anyone else having this problem? Sorry I have called (and its busy everytime) and emailed them the other day and no response yet.
  17. Dear Mr. XXXXXXAccount: XXXXXWe have been informed that your most recent payout by eWallet express in the amount of 2715.00 was returned to us as they have indicated that withdrawals are no longer processed on their interface. At this time, we have reversed the entry and credited the funds back into your eCash account.Please let us know the method you wish to have it reprocessed such as Check by Courier. We will cover all courier fees for the transaction for payouts greater than 100.00. Also, please confirm that the address is current so that that the payout can be processed with the correct
  18. If you decide to try and setup an ewalletxpress account to get your money out of bodog dont bother. I just got off the phone with them and they said they are not taking payouts.
  19. http://thepokerchronicles.com/Talking about the latest fiasco with deposit and withdraws.
  20. I am just wanting to know about Ewalletxpress users.... If any of you guys are out there let me know. I want to know if you have withdrawn lately from bodog and how long does it take to hit your account (ewalletxpress)
  21. I currently signed up and I am waiting for my payout and Bodog said it would be around 2 days(since Friday). I am wondering if anyone else has cashed out with them and have they received their money yet. If you could just update your progress with them that would be great. Also Epassporte is taking forever for them to make the small deposits in my account (to verify) anyone else having this problem?
  22. I called a bodog representative on Thursday about this. He said I would have to make a ewalletxpress account and then deposit a small amount through ewalletxpress. I created the account and deposited the small amount and then ewalletxpress was an option (before that it was not an option). I was able to then cash out. They processed my cash out but then said it would take 2 days for it to hit my ewalletxpress account. I read through the first two pages so I hope this is not duplicate. I cashed out around 2500.... I will keep you guys updated to let you know when I receive my money in my accou
  23. They wont know its coming from an online poker site. It does not said "Full Tilt poker" Etc on it ..... it will have another company name.
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