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  1. did the credits appear on your statement or did you have to call your bank day after day?
  2. I have been trying for over two weeks to verify my bank account with their "small credits" that they say are supposed to appear in my account............................ NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Epassporte does not reply to e mails or phone calls i have been calling for two weeks and every time its a busy signal how can that be BUSY EVERYTIME has anyone ever talked to someone at epassporte?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. Since neteller closed last month i have been trying to set up an Epassporte account with NO luck.I can't get my bank account verified cant get emails answered their phone has be busy or dissconnected for the last few weeks i have never gotten through IS THIS EVEN A REAL COMPANY????????????????Has anyone set up a Epassporte account in the last few weeks if so HOW???????????????THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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