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  1. Sweet write-up and an impressive bio!
  2. Giant Hair Dryer! Awesome, I was hoping to find one of those. So I just have to go to Vegas huh?
  3. What sort of limit hold-em action is there in Van?
  4. GL dude. you'll need a much larger BR before collecting many FFP but it'll be a good journey while it lasts....or you could go to some PSO promo's and get an IPOD WAY faster.... but that's my "time is money thinking"
  5. I actually Laughed out loud on this one....
  6. First time I was there... carded everywhere... two years later nothing..... But seriously..... Vegas sucks without being 21. It's like eating without food.
  7. GT+ works good for ipoker.... otherwise PAHUD will be your best buddy.
  8. I agree.... looks so 80's vegas to me. but maybe that's what it's 'suppose' to look like? Also, isn't it early '07 right now? So we have 1 year to wait? poker's gonna be gone by then...
  9. 1) go to any of websites of the the places you think you're staying and look under their promotions tab. see what they have to offer..... book directly with the hotel then if the rate changes you get the change and it's usually the same price anyway.2) Go to this webpage and check out the promo codes that people are posting....http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/messagevie...925&start=0
  10. who cares if he comes off like a dikkk, he's got 12 MILLION.... Even if he's lost half.... that's 6 Million..... Put that in a 3.5% bond or something and you'd get $200K+ a year... I'd be a prik too.
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