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  1. Anyone know a site with frequent updates? Cardplayer's updating only about every hour.
  2. At another one. 55524738SquamchShortstacked again7th again. Lost on 88 again, knowingly trying to outdraw a flush.
  3. At one55523881SquamchShortstackedout in 7th
  4. At one55286095Squamch5/9 30k ishnoout in 8th. AJ down to a set of 6's and then JJ out to A9.
  5. Rail Call55071794Squamch17k, 7/9NoOut in second. I suck heads up.
  6. Rail Call1. 548020422. Squamch3. 2/9 49k4. NoOut in fifth because of a mixture of stupidity and misplaced aggression.
  7. As much as I'd hate to see Daniel's blog and other stuff go away, I think he's right about needing to just get back to being a poker player, rather than a poker ambassador. To a fan, it almost seems that Daniel doesn't really play poker for a living anymore, since it's rare to hear about him in cash games, and he seems only to play the biggest tournaments. Yet he's probably the face of poker, or at least, one of the major ones. I can't say if it hurt his game or not to be involved in a ton of side projects, but I doubt it would do anything but good to put those away for a while and just do
  8. My bankroll, which now pays my rent and bills (though I still have a job etc - I'm not crazy), started from a nickel that I won on Everest Poker in March of 2006. In August I got 500 from the moneymaker freeroll on stars. So yeah, I'm something of a success story, having never made a deposit. Running bad at the moment though. lol As for this guy's $33, it's definitely enough to grind your way back, though one bad game or tilt session could hurt a lot. I was lucky in that on everest poker, by the time I had $1, I could start using bankroll management (they have very micro sng's).
  9. Ferguson was trying later to go from 0 to 50k. Anyone know how he did with that? I haven't seen him on FTP lately.
  10. Got my AA cracked by 66, and to sleep it is.
  11. Everyone's PS name? Mine's Squamch.
  12. Fine, you bastards talked me into it. So long, sleep. Or "hello sleep" should I get KO'ed early.Whoo, came very close to missing it.
  13. Alright, I've finally come down from the headrush of losing and am looking to rail some people. Leave your PS name if you're still in.
  14. Up to about 45k, which is still kinda crippled. But I'm happy, cuz I feel like I've played well and this basically doubles my bankroll.
  15. 51k at third break. Had a rough go of it on two hands in particular, one of which I made the right call. The other was kind of me bluffing myself into a flush, and losing to a higher one.
  16. That was rough, Chicago. For anyone not watching, he got his money in good with KK vs. AK and got rivered down to 2k.
  17. Lost another big one with my J-high flush going down to a Q-high.
  18. Just took a river hit. Made a call with Q9 on a QJJ board and the guy had AK, which was kinda obvious. So he's drawing very live, and catches.
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