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  1. Here I am, playing on Pokerstars at school while doing my math homework. I am getting pretty bored so I decide to pack it up to go home. That's when it happens... I get blessed with the Krablar, the rest is history:PokerStars Game #15767031950: Hold'em No Limit ($0.25/$0.50) - 2008/03/05 - 19:17:55 (ET)Table 'Calpurnia II' 9-max Seat #3 is the buttonSeat 1: fredsoya ($19.20 in chips) Seat 2: Brandon57710 ($36.70 in chips) Seat 3: Argus27 ($49.95 in chips) Seat 4: Real Mobster ($49.65 in chips) Seat 5: Tuna555 ($11.50 in chips) Seat 7: atac03 ($50.10 in chips) Seat 8: curtisjames7 ($16.45 in
  2. Yah I did today. Thanks for your enthusiasm. Now I just need to decide which website to deposit in.
  3. Sounds pretty accurate. Thanks for confirming that my case isn't unique.
  4. What the hell? You have like 10 more posts than me. Anyways ******, congratualtions on your first flame, now go to hell numbnuts.
  5. Does anyone know a good web site that they would actually vouch for? Bodog is ridiculous. I have not receieved my $400 payout from April 27 yet. I have called time after time just to be told to wait a little longer. I need a new site people. Any suggestions?
  6. I believe...Hand Number 741042156 Start Date 2007-06-02 02:56:44.0 End Date 2007-06-02 02:57:13.0 Pot Size $1,240.00 Rake $0.00 Game Type Hold'Em Play Mode Real Table Name Helena (Turbo) Structure NL Community Cards Q 5 3 8 K Player InformationScreenName SeatPosition CardsDealt Start/EndAmount TotalBet Win/LossAmount MrBroomCorn 1 Q 9 $620.00/$0.00 $620.00 $-620.00 Markace 2 3 K $2,380.00/$3,000.00 $620.00 $620.00 Hand ActionsPlayer Action Action Data Timestamp MrBroomCorn Set dealer/Bring in spot 1 02:56:44 MrBroomCorn Ante/Small blind $ 10.00 02:56:44 Markace Big
  7. To OP:LEave Daniel alone, you're not his real dad!!!
  8. Due to the new law banning online gambling I haven't played online poker for two weeks now. I noticed people here are still playing online by the stories they are posting. Now, are they playing somewhere outside of the U.S. or is there some kind of loop hole to get around to playing online? Someone please update me. Flamers - be nice!
  9. Wow, so you win your $500 and some? That's really good considering that your knowledge of poker is horrible....
  10. A little enlightenment.For what it's worth. I made my cash out on Party Poker on Tuesday, October 3rd due to the legislation. It normally would take 4 days for me to receive my cashout but it's policy is receive cashout 3-7 days. I got a little worried because it was a pretty big amount ($1,300), but I finally received my cash out after 8 days (the day Legislation had become law). Understand that there may be a minor set back due to the overwhelming amount of cash outs but you should get your money sooner or later. But after 10 days you better better be on their necks. Sucks for you!
  11. Well this blows...But to be optimistic, I have more time to actually study! These bastards better give me my last $1,100 and my ipod shuffle!
  12. I already cashed out all of my $$$. It should be in my account by Wednesday or Thursday. I also redeemed my Party Points! lol! I only had 35,000 points but it was enough for a stinking ipod shuffle and a 200 piece chip set.
  13. Well I cashed out most of my money from Party Poker - a total of $1,100. I left $200 in there to play some more but the reason why I quit is because someone at a table tonight was claiming that PP was closing doors to all American players due to the banning of online gambling. I don't know whether his statement was valid or not but to be safe I cashed out. I'm gonna miss PP and the 6.5K that i raked from the site. I guess I can play live or just get a job now.... JmarkyRetired PP player 6.5K
  14. ***** Hand History for Game 4088864149 *****NL Texas Hold'em $22 Buy-in Trny:22635158 Level:1 Blinds(20/40) - Tuesday, April 25, 13:09:56 ET 2006Table Table 95454 (Real Money)Seat 2 is the buttonTotal number of players : 6 Seat 2: Jmarky ( $1980 )Seat 4: FISHONRANDAL ( $1840 )Seat 3: mattie54 ( $1920 )Seat 1: nonnie908 ( $2260 )Seat 6: jbgilas ( $2000 )Seat 5: bybo811 ( $2000 )Trny:22635158 Level:1Blinds(20/40)** Dealing down cards **Dealt to Jmarky [ 6s 8s ]bybo811 folds.jbgilas calls [40].nonnie908 calls [40].Jmarky calls [40].mattie54 calls [20].FISHONRANDAL checks.** Dealing Flop ** [ 5s
  15. To OP and the rest of u donks that think the AZNKID played bad this hand...y is trying to buy the pot on the flop, getting a free river and catching the straight because river is free being a donkey? u guys suck man!
  16. maybe he just didn't like the shirt you were wearing that day...happens to me all the time!
  17. lol whatever man...people just love using that word donk don't they....Let me guess. Because you're in FCCP you're a pro? Im @ +2k online, playing $.5/1 for 6 months and that's from being down 1k online when i started.Whoah! Testy arent we? You have to be able to get around the ball busting in this forum buddy. You find it in every thread. Seems like your doing very well for yourself. Congrats! Have you ever sat on your hand for 20 minutes and then jerked off?I try but it only take me 2 minutes to jerk off
  18. lol whatever man...people just love using that word donk don't they....Let me guess. Because you're in FCCP you're a pro? Im @ +2k online, playing $.5/1 for 6 months and that's from being down 1k online when i started.
  19. Anyone ever play Daniel's favorite hand?***** Hand History for Game 3310278616 *****$0.50/$1 Texas Hold'em - Tuesday, January 03, 19:46:45 EDT 2006Table Table 66461 (6 max) (Real Money)Seat 1 is the buttonTotal number of players : 6 Seat 1: travel12054 ( $20.75 )Seat 2: JEFF1929C ( $24 )Seat 3: sax55 ( $8.70 )Seat 4: zak11 ( $24.50 )Seat 6: riverrat781 ( $32.63 )Seat 5: Jmarky ( $29.25 )JEFF1929C posts small blind [$0.25].sax55 posts big blind [$0.50].** Dealing down cards **Dealt to Jmarky [ 7h Th ]>You have options at Table 66161 (6 max) Table!.zak11 folds.Jmarky calls [$0.50].riverrat
  20. Just thought u guys might find this hand interesting....I lay a bad beat on someone.Total number of players : 6 Seat 1: oliverleaf3 ( $50.37 )Seat 2: Jmarky ( $25.25 )Seat 3: bigben6779 ( $21.75 )Seat 4: nomis21 ( $28.53 )Seat 6: RACINEGENT ( $13 )Seat 5: JoshZ26 ( $7.83 )RACINEGENT posts small blind [$0.25].>You have options at Table 65873 (6 max) Table!.oliverleaf3 is sitting out.Jmarky posts big blind [$0.50].** Dealing down cards **Dealt to Jmarky [ 7h 7c ]oliverleaf3 has left the table.bigben6779 folds.nomis21 folds.JoshZ26 raises [$1].kippy888 has joined the table.RACINEGENT folds.J
  21. Done it once in a NL ring because there were only two other people in the pot. Big blind out flopped me two paired his 3-6 off....you can try it if you love to gamble!
  22. Can we get an update on everyone who doesn't mind posting's current bankrolls?
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