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  1. PokerStars Game #7014865666: Hold'em No Limit ($0.50/$1.00) - 2006/11/13 - 20:55:54 (ET)Table 'Periphas' 9-max Seat #6 is the buttonSeat 1: Rata del Rio ($98.50 in chips) Seat 2: bigturns ($71.55 in chips) Seat 3: silverbuIIet ($144 in chips) Seat 4: MILTON MAN ($43.60 in chips) Seat 5: WileyWombat ($64.35 in chips) Seat 6: Nevets19 ($46.50 in chips) Seat 7: Sockeye1959 ($81.95 in chips) Seat 8: Chugg007 ($34.75 in chips) Seat 9: Rico1979 ($21.50 in chips) Sockeye1959: posts small blind $0.50Chugg007: posts big blind $1*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Chugg007 [6c 5c]Rico1979: folds Rata del Rio: f
  2. and im out couldnt complete a flush draw from the BB prolly should have just folded the hand instead but knew he had a weak K so went with it. and he did his K8 held good luck to those left.
  3. under 10k sitting pretty card dead...need to make soemthing happenunder 5 flopped a set of 4's but have to believe villian had Jacks just couldnt pull the button on the all in with that hand
  4. was sitting in teh top 5 for ages until that last hand, I am now looking to do the same need at least a double up to be comfortable.
  5. this whole tourney so far has been donktastic, granted even i have gotten lucky a few times but never when i was all in up to 54k already this hour.Good luckmissed the nut flush after 2 h earts on the flop down to 47...will get it back OUCh AK v AA K on flop but no more help and im down to 10 k
  6. Anyone in this? first break sitting on just shy of 38k chip leader is almost 80k lots of time left. So hopefully the cards keep coming my way.If you want to rail Chugg007 is the SN
  7. I thought that his interview was really good. He just reiterates what we already know. That he is a people person and thankful for the position he is in. Also make sure to read the Freddy Deeb article. Well worth it.
  8. Trying to log into the tables tonight and keep bieng told that my name and password are invalid have they already banned US players?
  9. Anyone know about updates for today, I am unable to find Fidpoker on Cardplayer or Pokerwire for this tourney just wondering if anyone knew anything.
  10. bluffed with A9 on a QQ10 Flop, ran into AQ....As 10s in mp raised to 2400 get called, couple of more bets on flop and turn when they came rags. both checked the river he has pocket 10syup and its coming, two big stacks at my table are pushing every couple of hands, only a matter of time until i hit a hand and have a huge lead....was hurting for a bit, now back to 30kqueens vs Aces, call 14k preflop blanks on flop he turns and ace and im down to 15k again
  11. 53 remaining back in 1st position. Was down as low as 6k back to 34k playing some of the best poker in recent memory. Trip i see you still in in 4th gl see you at the FTtried to bluff ran into AQ with A9 on a QQ10 flop oops. down to 19k
  12. you too, i think we were at the same table together to start off the tourney gl
  13. Yes it is early, but nearing the end of the first hour in first position with 16241 rail if your bored havent played this well in a tourny in along time. number 24598481
  14. Railing Ryan,Goodluck take it down.
  15. 2:46 pm: "I'm not looking at my holdcards. I'm raising with the following: two paints, two 4 acrosses, two nothing acrosses."2:47 pm: "That means I could be raising with 2 3 offsuit and I wouldn't even know it."I know that Daniel is the best and can out play pretty much outplay anyone at his table but isnt this a little dangerous in the overall scheme of wanting to make the final table? Or when is he looking at his hole cards?
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