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  1. i think there are some 2nd chance tournaments...but they're not for bracelets (i think they might have been last year)
  2. thanks sis.17,300 to be exact.picked up AA in bb with 5 limpers...i push for 16k...no action...sucks..thought one of those huge stacks would've called me!last hand i played i had 10-10 in UTG+1...i raise to $2,200 (4-800 blinds). 2 callers with huge stacks in the blinds. Flop is KJ3..checked around. Turn K..checked around. River is a 6...i check..bet 6k..then a call..i muck (would've left me with only like 11k)...better shows 10-Q...caller shows A-Q...oy Would've put me up to 35k if i call..oops!500-1000 blinds when we start back up...still enough to play with.
  3. i didn't want to buy in for the full $10k...but the sattellite route has been torture.But f*ck it...i'm in Vegas...it's the WSOP main event...i'm buying in for Monday...I'll send updates to Matt if anyone is interested...i believe DN is playing that day as well....
  4. sorry about the bust out A-Mak...Hope you had a great experience during your reign as protege...even if the results weren't what you had hoped for.
  5. this sounds like every table i've played at during the WSOP...they just had the seniors event too....must be tough to get a handicap parking space in this town!
  6. yeah but there were only like 160 people right?that doesn't count!(sw...obviously)
  7. headed over in a while...gotta hit the gym and get some dinner first.I'll watch a bit before the mega sattellite at 9..plus i think they just went on dinner break.
  8. first update on Daniel in like 2 hours...and they get it totally wrong?now THAT'S funny...wowgo DN go!
  9. haha thanks!Need some luck to win one of these main event mega sattelites..so annoying
  10. anyone looking at Pokernews.com?They don't seem to be putting up many updates on Daniel's hands.He's gone up like 500k in the last hour...you'd think they'd have some details for us?Strange...seeing the crowd was 4 deep watching him yesterday...
  11. good time to be running better in Razz, huh?...keep it up!
  12. nice work so far...but don't you have to play some poker tomorrow? Get some sleep dude!
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