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  1. nicelife.net is not working. I would like to learn more about nice lives. Please fix the site immediately. I could also use its products and services.
  2. Amazing work msals, it probably hurts right now, but congrats. 24/4475, extra 5k!
  3. I think the comments on his blog about leaving Pokerstars say it all:http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/wwdnbackup/2...ng_and_tha.html "I wanted to perhaps have the last word here. I was the one who, at the urging of my then-colleague Lee Jones, convinced Wil to join Team PokerStars two years ago. (full disclosure note: both Lee and I have since left PokerStars – Lee for the European Poker Tour, myself for a startup poker venture.)Without getting too maudlin (I hope), I wanted to thank Wil publicly with the words that I have used privately since 2005. We had three expectations of Team PokerStars members: love the game, play well and make us proud. That may sound idealistic, particularly coming from a marketing guy, but the fact is that any player that can do all three of these things is a superhero in our book, one that represents the best of the game.Team PokerStars wasn’t supposed to represent the top players in poker. It was supposed to represent a cross-section of the poker world. We had young, old, male, female, poker pros, talented amateurs, authors, lawyers, gamers and even a TV producer (OK, he also won a few poker tournaments). What I hoped when we invited Wil to join the team was that he would widen our audience a bit and speak to our players with a different voice.What I didn’t expect was that Wil would go way beyond team member. Great example: not long after joining Team PokerStars, the Katrina disaster struck Louisiana and elsewhere. Wil emailed me and suggested that we should run a few tournaments, maybe $5 and $10, with players agreeing to donate all but $0.01 to Katrina Relief. I told him that PokerStars would be happy to do so, and that we’d match whatever players pledged. We talked about perhaps raising $10,000 collectively for Katrina relief. Wil aggressively pursued this on the blog and at every opportunity he had.As it turns out, the poker community turned out en masse to support Wil’s idea. We added bigger tournaments and more opportunities to contribute. And when all of the smoke cleared, we collectively raised $127,805 for Katrina relief, a number that truly staggered us (and as a side note, Wil made the final table of the $100 event, finishing third).There is no question that Wil loves the game. And there is also no question that he plays well, perhaps considerably better than he believes. But most importantly: he made us – not just PokerStars, but all of us – proud to have him as part of the team, and proud to know him.We don’t have to hold hands and sing Kumbaya now. I just wanted to get my last few words in, and make sure that Wil and all of you know how much he was appreciated.Dan Goldman (formerly VP of Marketing, PokerStars)Posted by: DuplicatePoker | June 06, 2007 at 06:23 PM -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. I always get the last word in after Dan Goldman.2. Part of the convenience of getting the last word in after Dan Goldman is that I can often simply say, "Yeah, what Dan said." This is definitely one of those times.3. My own feeble attempt to add some value: the *prime* reason that Team PokerStars exists is to create brand recognition and a positive image for PokerStars. Nobody - NOBODY - understood that better than Wil Wheaton. Wil was a consumate professional in that role. He was engaging, polite, and positive in every encounter with press or player, shining a positive light on PokerStars everywhere he went.There are plenty of better poker players than Wil on Team PokerStars and plenty of people on Team PokerStars with more name recognition. But Wil stands out in my mind as one of two or three guys on Team PokerStars that you just *know* are going to hit the mark (to use a distinctly apt term of art) every time. No grandstanding, no getting headlines for the wrong reasons, no confusion about whether they're supposed to be selling PokerStars or themselves, etc.Just a really competent professional doing his job.And a hell of a nice guy.Me and Dan, we knew what we were doing when we brought Wil onto Team PokerStars. I'm really proud of that.Regards, Lee Posted by: Lee Jones | June 12, 2007 at 09:32 AM "
  4. I like the Pure stalking idea and I'll be sure to hit up the MGM. I'm pretty non-descript, but I'll be one of the brazillion mid 20s white male, short hair, wearing glasses (not shades) and mostly likely a black Amnesty International t-shirt or Brown Nitinaht Lake shirt if anyone wants to destroy their internet anonymity over a hand or drink.
  5. Going to Vegas this weekend.Silly question as there are some many poker room reviews, but any opinions on 1/2, 2/5 nl juicy locations of late?I'm really just looking forward to going and wanted to tell the FCP world. Degen gambling weekend, whoop!
  6. Looks like this wasn't a one-time scam. Someone has posted the prize pool for 3 other events where it looks like the vig was a lot higher than reported as well.
  7. Party and Star are expert at not having an overlay in their guaranteed tournies. Smaller sites like Pacific have juicy daily overlays.
  8. It has nothing to do with greed, you paid for a $2400 x entries prize pool and got $2050 x entries. You were totally in line to question the forced donation and tax benefit. The issue makes CEO Poker sounds like a shady poker room tourny where the organizer is skimming from the prize pool.I assume someone is going to complain to the Gaming Commission. Since you cashed, you may be due for some extra cash, though it might not be worth your time to pursue it.
  9. Interesting thread on CEO Poker Tournament fee structure and disclosure. JC is mentioned as asking about tax implications for an undisclosed fee-derived charity donation.http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showflat...part=1&vc=1
  10. Good read. Nice work on the chopped sat.
  11. At least link the thread where he actually calls out DN instead of the warm-up.http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showflat...=0#Post10584216
  12. Correct. It's a high-level play that centres on not calling 200k into a 1m pot.
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