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  1. 6 players with exactly even chip stacks (not realistic stupid scenario) I would fold. I guess on the first hand of a sit and go which is clearly not what the OP was referencing you could have equal chip stacks and I would call their with normal payout structures. Against random chip stacks and players who have any clue at all I would obviously call.
  2. From a profile view they look almost identical. Hard to find many pictures of WOJO though.
  3. I had seen all these episodes before and there is some pretty good action in them. The only problem is the announcers. They won't shut up for a second and its hard to listen to what the players are saying. That is one of the most entertaining parts of any poker show.
  4. How would they know? Annette played against him once in the Party Poker Premier League and those are just sit and gos. Annette seems to think all of the most successfull live pros are bad. We had a thread about her criticizing Ted Forrest just a couple months ago. IDK maybe Phil Hellmuth is clueless if a couple internet players say so.
  5. No one should really criticize Hellmuth in no limit tournament play. He plays very differently then other players and that is what sets him apart. There are so many different approaches and styles that one can use to be successful and that is what makes it a great game.Hellmuth to me seems like the best short stacked player there is. In this very tournament at the end day 3, Hellmuth had exactly 100,000 in chips (less then 12 bb) and was 44 out 58. At the end of day 4 he had 1,399,000 and was 3 out of 18. How did he do this? By never being all in and called once. I follow his tournaments clos
  6. Thanks, I guess I need to read better. I thought I even checked that twice.
  7. I think Wasika/Forrest is the best first round matchup. Daniel said that Forrest is among the best all time heads up but picked Wasicka. I would give Wasicka a slight edge too.Anyone notice a bias in his picks against the players against the WPT? I think he picked against every one. Hellmuth is of course the favorite to win it all.
  8. Were all of you who are receiving the bonus playing during the outages?
  9. Is Full Tilt still down now for everyone?
  10. I think the actual tournament starts on the 29th. http://nbcsports.msnbc.com/id/23109497/ . It is listed as running from 2/28 - 3/2 everywhere but 2/28 is just the selection party which I am sure they will be allowed to miss. Hellmuth missed it last year and I don't think I can stand two years in a row with no Hellmuth in the Heads Up Championship.
  11. From the interview with Hellmuth it appears he called with 99. Hellmuth seems to be playing very differently from the way he normally does. He is consistently raising 4 to 5 times the big blind. Usually he is like Negreanu and raises less then 3 although he varies it.
  12. The only way Hellmuth loses is if he gets unlucky. Or if the blinds get real high at the final table.
  13. Did Full Tilt go down for anyone?
  14. Cost me about $500 in satelittes but in.
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