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  1. nicelife.net is not working. I would like to learn more about nice lives. Please fix the site immediately. I could also use its products and services.
  2. Amazing work msals, it probably hurts right now, but congrats. 24/4475, extra 5k!
  3. I think the comments on his blog about leaving Pokerstars say it all:http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/wwdnbackup/2...ng_and_tha.html "I wanted to perhaps have the last word here. I was the one who, at the urging of my then-colleague Lee Jones, convinced Wil to join Team PokerStars two years ago. (full disclosure note: both Lee and I have since left PokerStars – Lee for the European Poker Tour, myself for a startup poker venture.)Without getting too maudlin (I hope), I wanted to thank Wil publicly with the words that I have used privately since 2005. We had three expectations of Team PokerStars me
  4. I like the Pure stalking idea and I'll be sure to hit up the MGM. I'm pretty non-descript, but I'll be one of the brazillion mid 20s white male, short hair, wearing glasses (not shades) and mostly likely a black Amnesty International t-shirt or Brown Nitinaht Lake shirt if anyone wants to destroy their internet anonymity over a hand or drink.
  5. Going to Vegas this weekend.Silly question as there are some many poker room reviews, but any opinions on 1/2, 2/5 nl juicy locations of late?I'm really just looking forward to going and wanted to tell the FCP world. Degen gambling weekend, whoop!
  6. Looks like this wasn't a one-time scam. Someone has posted the prize pool for 3 other events where it looks like the vig was a lot higher than reported as well.
  7. Party and Star are expert at not having an overlay in their guaranteed tournies. Smaller sites like Pacific have juicy daily overlays.
  8. It has nothing to do with greed, you paid for a $2400 x entries prize pool and got $2050 x entries. You were totally in line to question the forced donation and tax benefit. The issue makes CEO Poker sounds like a shady poker room tourny where the organizer is skimming from the prize pool.I assume someone is going to complain to the Gaming Commission. Since you cashed, you may be due for some extra cash, though it might not be worth your time to pursue it.
  9. Interesting thread on CEO Poker Tournament fee structure and disclosure. JC is mentioned as asking about tax implications for an undisclosed fee-derived charity donation.http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showflat...part=1&vc=1
  10. Good read. Nice work on the chopped sat.
  11. At least link the thread where he actually calls out DN instead of the warm-up.http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showflat...=0#Post10584216
  12. Correct. It's a high-level play that centres on not calling 200k into a 1m pot.
  13. World Poker Tour Season III: Invitational at the CommerceJohan Storakers925,000 in chips10c 8cTom Everett Scott612,100 in chips6d 6cPreflop:"With the blinds at $8,000 and $16,000 with a $2,000 ante, Johan raised to $35,000 from the small blind. Scott reraised to $100,000 from the big blind. Johan called."Flop: 7s 7h Ks"Johan checked. Scott went all-in for $510,000. Johan folded."Analysis:"Scott won the hand with his aggressive play. With only $200,000 in the pot he could have made the bet smaller than he did and found out the same information. If he made it $300,000 Johan would have only re-ra
  14. Who is Miss Daniel? And what tournaments has she won?
  15. Good luck.As for suggestions, post as many pictures as you can, and switch to an open source blogging platform like wordpress.com
  16. Any thoughts on http://donkeytest.com/ and their poker quiz. I would never pay for a breakdown, but quickly went through the problems. I would appreciate some thought on the test, any specific question, and the scoring system, but don't think I'm qualified to start the discussion.
  17. Obviously 14/7 as optimal is a joke, but can someone point me in the direction of discussion on optimal numbers (idc what stakes it is geared towards, just some chatter on it) ?
  18. Over two slow days at work, I'm on page 87.I think the story is much more interesting than bots. The guy set up a shop with 3 guys playing a scripted strategy and has been squeaking out 1.2bb without any adjustments.It's a virtual economy small-business more than the work of a poker pro and it's more similar to Chinese video game farming than bots. All in all, a real interesting discussion on detective work, stats, the gray area of bots versus trained monkeys.
  19. Doesn't anyone appreciate the beauty of this?Chucky K has set up a Smasharoo strat sweat shop for 1/2NL and has been making enough money to keep at least two middle American zombies in seats since November! I would pay to watch a documentary on this.
  20. Nice link. JJ speaks the truth.Speculation: DN's blog is more about how he took his lumps on the golf course than about the current dispute. DN got hustled on the course last year in the exact same manner (fudged handicaps and players shooting well above their averages with "rounds of their lives"), but DN paid up. His post on a story of someone not paying reinforces to himself, his friends, and the very gamblers who hustled him that DN is not a welcher.Everytime DN says something about himself with a story on the actions of others, it just makes things worse. Write about the reason behind t
  21. Not that it matters, but this is a pretty self-centered way of examining the effects of your actions (i.e. what people will think of you, as opposed to, say, how other people then view the OP, or the OP's feelings, etc).
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