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  1. Despite not necessarily liking Vaughn in the role, I'm ok with how they're handling him muscling back in. They've done a decent enough job establishing that he was something to be feared and that his past reputation is allowing him to come in and re-steamroll people he has steamrolled before. They've done little things like his henchmen closing the door during the "negotiation", him whispering to the guy that he's still got all his teeth, as well as the blatant beating the guys teeth out to demonstrate the menace he is maintaining. Also, he's giving a little more than he used to,
  2. They timed a couple things well. When John Carter of Mars was ****ing taking the weeping and brooding up 8 notches from the already level 9 trillion, I literally almost shut it off. But then they raised his spirits a bit with the Beard baby and allowed me to keep watching. Then when I started to get to the point of "ok, enough random set-up shit", things happened. So, they've got me for another week at least.
  3. double tap - but oh, I did want to add how much I love Matt Brown. Just that whole takes damage but is always dangerous thing is good shit.
  4. Prior to this week I was thinking of it that way, but after hearing more about Aldo's injury and how he has backed out of 5 title fights, I'm inclined to just consider McGregor more of a co-champ than an interim or pretend champ. Granted, most of what I'm basing this on is DW who obviously isn't going to be happy that Aldo backed out and so his commentary is biased, but still... Aldo was cleared by docs outside the UFC and chose not to fight. So I'm considering that little Irish Swag-station straight up champ, *until* Aldo actually shows up for a fight. Which, he will. I mean regardless o
  5. Boxing is over, it might be time for you to accept that.
  6. Yeah, that was some great entertainment there. I thought the bows Coner threw were legal, unless something changed that I hadn't heard about. And yeah, his star has risen, now it's all about staying power.
  7. You and I have very different tastes. http://media.ufc.tv/fighter_images/Jessica_Rakoczy/JessicaRakoczy_Headshot.png To my mind her eyes are not only overly centralized on her face vertically - too low, that is - but enjoy such close proximity to each other that, if I let my vision blur a little, she becomes a cyclops. I chuckled.
  8. I think that they are laying on the "dark past" shiza way too thick, but it's exacerbated by the less capable acting this season. Everyone is just too god damn broody, not just John Carter of Mars, though his is probably the most grating. But it's down to everyone else too, acting wise. Like, as an example - remember last season when Rust met with some drug guy in a bar, and Rust was with the racist biker he beat up? The drug guy says something like, "I can see your soul at the edges of your eyes... it's corrosive, like acid. You got a demon little man, and I don't like your face.
  9. I verbally asked the television to stop with the Twin Peaks shit. So yeah, it was pretty evocative. Also, I don't want that. So I'll reiterate here. Stop it, True Detective. Also, I hate how John Carter of Mars broods. It's so affected. Stop it, John Carter. Less is more.
  10. I wasn't aware he has backed out of 5 title fights in his career. In the interview I saw Dana threw that in there in a nonchalant way, but I could feel the sting he intended.
  11. If I were gay or bi you'd probably have a good shot. Because I am kind of a whore.
  12. I watched a few episodes when it came out. I might catch up. I'm better looking than every single one of them. Not that that is unusual - it's pretty much always true. Apropos of nothing, but that I thought it was important people know.
  13. My intuition said rough stuff. Choking, slapping, asphyxia and shit like that.
  14. **spoilers - kind of** That was actually the opposite of the problem I had with this first episode this season. I felt like they were laying on the "troubles" of John Carter of Mars, Alexander and the Mean Girl way too thick, way too fast. Oh, I probably killed my wife's rapist, my wife then left me, and now I work a side job for this mob like dude beating people near to death or something like that, oh, and I do a lot of drugs and drink a lot and am weirdly abusive in my "protection" of my fat ginger probably-the-rapists kid of mine and assault parents of bullies with brass knuc
  15. Montana was incredible. And I've always hated the 49'ers, and lived in CA while he played there, and hated them even more being surrounded by fans. But yeah, no, Montana was the stone cold shit. He didn't have standout physicals, but his accuracy, decision making and leadership put him easily in my top 5. Probably top 3.
  16. Probably a combination of both. But how quickly he gassed, I think the altitude had a lot to do with it. He's got heart though.
  17. While the ignorant, gorilla, violent arsehole trope is exaggerated in regards to police, there is a discernible and non-trivial elevation in personality and ignorance type in terms of authoritarian, republican, racist, xenophobic stupidity verses a general sample of the U.S. population.
  18. Karate chop... lol. There is a reason any relatively well trained police officer or soldier knows better than to hold a gun against someone's body, especially the front. Since I've trained as both, I'm familiar with the reason quite intimately. This is funny on so many levels, and again because of who you are saying it to, I can't even unpack it for you. No, it doesn't. But what you're failing to understand is that criminal != immoral, and despite that fact we must navigate society in certain ways, and fight certain fights accordingly. I don't know t
  19. While I agree then Hendo is well past his prime and I wouldn't like his odds against any top 10 in his weight class, this is an overstatement. He still has dynamite in his hands, and there is something to be said for a punchers chance when the puncher is someone who can lights out at that capacity.
  20. Yeah, I'm fine with this qualification. It's a different matter if we're talking about some wall street type breaking laws for millions of dollars, knowing that if he were caught he'd get a light club med stint if anything at all, in terms of being stupid. Dreadful and sociopathic, maybe, but not stupid. If Micon was pulling in 500k a year or something, and can keep it, that might be a defense against my "stupid" accusation. However, When someone is in here pleading his case using things like "he has kids", **** that. All the more reason to judge.
  21. Yeah, I had to look away for a second.
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