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  1. I hear that. If it matters in terms of participation, I can privately contact you with my info. I only ask that you don't share it with the haters, as I generally perfer to stay in the background and observe from a distance. I'm really not the right guy to be organizing this, but nobody else seems to be picking up the ball right now. Yes he does. Jamaica might also be a good option due to the abundance of both coffee and weed. Last I heard, visitors could take up to 1 pound of pure Jamaican bud off the island with no questions asked. Plus, Jamaicans tend to be super laid back and
  2. So much venom you guys! Dial it back a notch, k? I also hear some interesting and valid points, so I'll try to respond. That's correct. I've only know him since 2012, so it's not like we grew up together. That said, I've been observing his behavior fairly closely since then and I think I have a pretty good read on him. Except for what I've read on Donkdown, I know zippy zap about Choice Center. I fully concede my ignorance on this topic. Maybe Ethiopia will be good for him. He does need to lose some weight. Sure it could be a flop, but so what? Worst case scenario,
  3. So jaded! Someone's always lying in poker, so maybe that's a good instinct. But seriously, I'm not Micon! Karina Jett, Todd, Zoe, Dustin? No idea who these people are. Are they connected with the Grindabit forumn? Yes, SWC and Grindabit had a falling out some time ago. I don't know exactly what happened, but here's my take on it: Grindabit basically sold out and started promoting a whole bunch of sleazy sites. Micon felt that promoting sites like that gave a bad rap to bitcoin poker in general. So they split. That's my read on it. Maybe that's because Kenyans would rather spend
  4. So I just want to clarify something and give ya'll a quick update. No, I am not Micon nor do I have any affiliation with SWC. I don't even know Micon that well except that we've played a lot of OFC/p and Yahtzee together and I know he's for real. What makes it personal for me is that he has a family and two year old daughter. I also have a two year old daughter and the thought of a little girl growing up without her father just breaks my heart. We're talking about an alleged crime with no identifiable victim whatsoever. It's like throwing somebody in a cage for 20 years for selling a ba
  5. Micon always described himself as the site pro and affiliate manager, so whether he personally operated anything remains unclear. I don't think he had the technical chops for it, so I doubt it. But legal minutia aside, Micon is a stand up guy. He never hurt anyone. He always paid his debts. He fought collusion and called out cheaters. SWC offered a good service at a fair price and created nothing but value for the poker world. So that's why I'm organizing the tournament. Poker needs more guys like that.
  6. As many of you probably know, my friend Bryan Micon was recently charged by the Nevada Attorney General with "one count of operating an unlicensed interactive gaming system." He could face between 8 and 20 years in jail if convicted. What I'd like to do is organize a charity poker tournament to help pay for his legal fees. Say, a 20 dollar buy-in with 100 percent of the funds going to his GoFundMe account. The winner would get ... I don't know, a limited edition poker hat signed by someone famous, or something like that, which might become a collectors item some day. The basic
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