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  1. So for the first time in my poker career, I'm on an awful cold streak and don't really know what to do to deal with this mentally.It's our weekly home game, and though the buy in is small ($5 with the possibility of one rebuy), it's never really been about the money. In the past year or so, I've went from winning about 50% of the time and top3-ing the other 50% to now I'm lucky if I hit top 5. I feel like I'm making excellent reads and decisions still, just always ending up against a monster when I have something decent (kings running into aces like four times over the last several weeks). Eve
  2. Anytime someone loses something, it's rigged.It's gambling. People have to lose.
  3. My congrats as well DN. Best wishes to you and Lori for a great long life together.
  4. I'll bet a dollar that verbal kint is actually Jackal. Anyone up for that action?
  5. I just read through all of this and I simply have one thing to say. I don't know who this Neverwin kid is, why he thinks he's king turd of crap mountain, or why he would talk smack to someone who is obviously a helluva poker player. All I know is beating this guy isn't enough Daniel. Teach this kid a lesson in the worst way. And then let me bone his sister.
  6. You know what I haven't had in a while? Big League Chew.
  7. Worst case scenario is you bring it and they just won't let you put it on. I say go for it.
  8. I agree. I hate it when people get into a raise fest and it turns out that all three of them are just holding rags. Utterly ridiculous. That's when it stops being fun and starts being a gigantic pain in my arse.
  9. My name on PStars is dmb1spe.As on Party Poker and UB
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