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  1. you guys waiting for a 4th or have a 4th lined up?
  2. imo scottyno should be excluded from future chinese poker games because he runs way too good.
  3. who wants to play chinese? .25/point, .50/point, 1/point is fine with me.
  4. there's no way i'd play vick and scottyno at the same time. either one is fine, but both luckboxes playing at the same table would be too hard to overcome.
  5. straight flush + quads? you run sicker than me sir.
  6. the money didn't even cover the bad beats i got while playing.
  7. he's a nit and he won't do it unless he's on drunk tilt. we're playing $1 a point.
  8. memo to people who play on tiger: please don't sit with scottyno when he's playing chinese. he's my fish.
  9. and i also want to spend "40 quid on the new version of football manager"
  10. please don't come out GTA. or else i won't make money from playing poker.
  11. i think i can do a mile in 8 minutes? but i might take 11.
  12. that means i have to get it and play you online?
  13. I have MLB2k8 and it freezes on my ps3. But I picked 2k8 because it has franchise mode and the show doesn't have it, right? I still might get mlb08 the show later. Plus, i found the mechanics of the game to be quite realistic and it satisfy my cravings.
  14. just because i am asian doesn't make him asian?and yeah i plan on winning one of those jerseys too.
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