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  1. I made a website to track this:www.25kfantasy.com (sorry if Spam)
  2. Based on the villain's line, can we ever REALLY be beat here? He obv doesn't have AA, with his most likely holdings being A2xx, especially given a raise into three limps. I haven't thought about 08 in a loooong time, but the math has to be right where he doesn't have A2xx with xx > 55 that much. He also fired on the first two streets, it's hard to believe he has like KK23 and doesnt check the turn behind.That said, isn't this like the definition of a spot where it's super super close for the hero to call, but still probably profitable? That is to say I think the hero can fold here and
  3. So I didn't play this hand; but my buddy disagreed with me so I decided to post here and see what you religious 08 players think. I think it's an interesting spot if nothing else. I flipped the hands so the villain is the hero and my buddy is the villain.Poker Stars $0.50/$1.00 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo - 8 playersPre Flop: (1.5 SB) Hero is UTG+2 with 5c Js Ac 5dJule 33 calls, miguiliji calls, HERO calls, 1 fold, villain raises, 2 folds, betgo calls, Jule 33 calls, miguiliji calls, HERO callsFlop: (10.5 SB) Ah As 6c (5 players)betgo checks, Jule 33 checks, HERO checks, rodneyraider checks, villain b
  4. I'm entirely too lazy to do any equity calculations, but does anybody think we should possibly pot control the turn? I'm a wuss, I know, but for some stupid reason the big picture doesn't seem that bad to me. I don't really see us ever getting it in with a ton of equity against the range that shoves on us. And if he flats and shoves a red river wtf do we do? The only real win with the board and effective stacks with the bet we made seems to be a fold, and our hand might be a little strong to hope for that. Sure, we're 'letting' draws get there, but it seems like a pretty neutral spot to
  5. First of all, I don't think reads are extremely valuable in these scenarios because they're just theoretical, and I love the idea.1) Standard open IMO. There's the argument that only better hands are going to call, but there's also the concept of induction. I think opening with the intent to 4 bet is fine as long as you open with that mindset. You might get the blind to do something stupid thinking he has fold equity where you've already made up your mind to call. KQ might not be the best example, but give yourself AT sooted in this spot and run through my scenario.2) Pretty easy fold.3) N
  6. The bet/fold doesn't suck, I'd argue that it is pretty strong and long term profitable in most situations. In this spot though, it's atrocious. We just turned top 2 into a bluff at $.50 LHE after getting raised already...
  7. How exactly does your hand strength change on the river that makes you think betting after he c/r turn is a good idea? You still beat the exact same hands you beat on the turn and you lose the exact same (though we can now add KK to a hand that beats us, but that doesn't make a ton of sense)bet/fold here is super super weak imo...
  8. as a semi-serious reply:people are going to do stupid things. you can either adjust and play off of them or let it bother you; i tend to do the former. learn some pot control and try to understand why you're betting 3/4 pot. r u betting for value on the flop? wat would he do on the turn w/ KJ? with AJ? with KK? with 22? if you ask yourself these things and prepare accordingly for any and all options you'll make more sense of it.p.s. there's a reason a 99% of the ppl at those stakes are playing there, and the reason usually isn't because they understand poker and are trying to build a roll
  9. anybody think the cbet lead is kinda spewy? makes it pretty easy for him to control the pot size and force us ooplive players always have ak, i'm sure he knows this
  10. also, since were back to preflop, im always 4xing here
  11. I'm too lazy to do the math, but it looks like the pot on the turn is ~10k and u started the hand w/ approx ~18kI try to set up a PSB on the river if I'm betting the turn. i think betting w/e accomplishes that is fine.
  12. Why exactly did we bet the river? This has to be too thin with his effective, right?
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