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  1. Assume no reads. Comments on all streets appreciated.http://www.flopturnriver.com/Poker-Hand-Qd...-MP2-805972.php
  2. Once again, I find myself with a marginal hand out of position. My first hand at the table, with no reads. A10 and JJ are more than likely in his range, and KK, QQ are also possible.http://www.flopturnriver.com/Poker-Hand-Kd...g-BB-793749.php Lately, I have been finding myself in this tough spots with marginal hands. Whether it be KQ, KJ, A10 all hands like that. I find it difficult to handle these hands pre flop and playing them post flop. I just find myself in really tough spots with these types of hands. Any advice on how to play these?
  3. After his flop raise, I did initially put him on 87s, but the overbet on the turn made me think differently. I can rule out QQ+ because most players at this level either reraise pf with high pocket pairs or look for the limp reraise. Smooth calling is rare. I put him on AQ heading to the river, but the shove looked desperate to me, more like his third barrelled attempt at a bluff.
  4. My third hand at the table, so no reads on the villian. Two previous hands I picked up 77 and then AA, raising pf both times. Not sure if thats relevant but w/e. I think calling the flop raise is standard, but villian picks up the heat on turn and river. All thoughts appreciated. http://www.flopturnriver.com/Poker-Hand-Qh...g-CO-791340.php
  5. I have a pretty simple question, but I still would like some advice. I have been winning at a .02/.05 consistently now and I find the play at this level very soft and easy. Im able to take advantage of most every situation and make money with every session I play. Should I move up levels even if my bank roll cant mathematically support the next level? I deposited 100$ to play .02/.05$. Thanks for any advice.
  6. Well the more hands played there is a higher percentage of running into bad beats. Obviously I dont blame you for getting it in preflop with aces, but try to avoid all in pre flop situations like coin flips and 65-45. Otherwise, just keep grinding.
  7. I wouldnt bet the pot, because any raise on his part commits him and you have to call. Bet less, like 350 or so. As played, I call here and not be suprised to see 77.
  8. Folding that flop is too nitty especially for a smallish raise, and three betting seems out of control so I think a flat is the best option. I probably dont bet as much on the turn, more like 10$. It will send the same message as a pot sized bet but if he had raised then its cheaper to get out if you decide to do so.
  9. Since you have no made hand, I'm not ok with the 3 bet. Just call and see a turn.
  10. When you decide to play, make sure you are focused before hand. Sometimes I would find myself just playing for 30 minutes to kill time or when i was bored and then get up and leave. When you start playing, play for a long session and be totally focused on only poker. Don't watch tv or surf the web in between hands. Music is really the only entertainment thats around me when I play. Adderall helps also
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