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  1. Then what did you mean? I posted exactly where h said drug laws (laws, as in going to going to jail n such) slighty increase drug abuse and addiction. I also posted exactly where h said people don't get help for the fear of imprisonment (under the same law that makes them use more). I said that thinking people will use more when they will go to jail for it(after the law has been introduced) and also thinking people wont get help for the same fear of going to jail is illogical. The response was that I need to learn to read, what did I not read correctly out of the quoted posts?
  2. He said it another time but I dont remeber where it was and dont feel like looking.Not to mention never posting said data that shows and increase in drug abuse as direct effect of criminalization. I think you meant to say "You seriously need to interpret what you read as not what you read but something that fits a political stance."
  3. I agree the website is obvisouly biased, but everything is cited. I welcome you to try and disprove all the cited data. If you can leaving only your data on portugal, I will say you win and bow out of that part of the discussion.
  4. Sorry it's just faster and easier for me to do that, and no I'm not Copernicus lol.And my main point here is how illogical it is to think that telling someone they will go to jail will make them use more, while at the same time the fear of going to jail makes them not get help.I agree that no one should have to fear going to jail if they want help.
  5. I was not talking about prohibiton, I was pointing out how drug addiction has direct effect on certain crimes. You seem to think there is never a connection between someone stealing to feed their addiction, and the person's addiction.
  6. I sincerly hope you never come across a meth head who would just as soon kill and rob you and your family as look at you, for no other reason than to feed his addiction. That way you get to stay in the fantasy world that all drug users are nice, polite, good people.Also which civil right is the one that says you have the right to do any and every drug?
  7. Again poor wording on my part since I forgot every post but yours can and has to be taken literally word for word. I should have said you don't have to look very hard to find plenty of stories, where people who have had no criminal past, commit crimes in direct relation to their addiction.
  8. lol. But seriously, when someone gets in an accident and doesn't have their seatbelt on it, on average, makes their injuries worse. Now if the same person doesn't have insurance or money to cover the medical bills, then someone else becomes liable for the costs (the hospital could have to absorb the costs, their kids could have to pay for it because now the family will be in debt for years...etc) or maybe a kid has to grow up without a parent now. So it does affect other people in certain cases, not physically but it does affect other people, and when it happens thousands and thousands of time
  9. That talks of a policy where doctors are essentially taking care of addicts, not addicts being able to use willy nilly. It also says nothing about the number of users.I have to admit I didn't like that format, but it doesn't take away from facts. I also enjoyed how you copied the first line and forgot the other two:Allowing a city park to be used as a "drug legalized" area of Zurich, the number of addicts escalated from a few hundred to over 20,000 within several years. [Roger Cohen, citation above]. Swiss officials now admit that their policy of legalization-decriminalization served to increa
  10. Nobody clicked on my link did they? Everyone keeps saying h has data to back up that legalization works. He posted a link where one country is seemingly having success. I posted a link showing that many countries have tried and failed at legalization. I believe that makes his data the dreaded isolated incident. Here it is again http://www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/debate/myths/myths4.htmAnd just as an fyi I don't consider myself right wing, or left wing, or democrat, or republican. My father is very republican and I argue against him most of the time. I also think pot should not be classified a
  11. Interesting read on other countries experience with legalizing drugs: http://www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/debate/myths/myths4.htm
  12. This is also a terrible counter, any regular law abiding person would not go out and steal to get their girlfriend a gift, you also don't hear of regular cases where drunks knock over a bank to buy booze. I will agree that you can insert gambling at the casino because there are many people who would have a strong enough addiction to steal for it. The difference is drugs like heroine and meth will take any and every regular law abiding citizen and make them do things they would never dream of doing to get their drug if they can't by other means, or do things they normally wouldn't because it i
  13. Maybe I'm just nuts but can some explain to me how assuming all white cops are racist who will abuse this law, is anything other than racial profiling and racism? Can I have some of the pot you smoke, it some how gives you the ability to read something that is not there, and answer an enitrely different question than what is being asked. I give you this as an example:I said it was unfair for you to skip over things when reading like where I said he had been to rehab many times (in response to you saying the war on drugs probably stopped him from getting help) your reply was, "You gave an examp
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