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  1. Ya but the first one is good, the next one feels like you're directly putting waste into your body.
  2. After Odom almost picked up a foul, "he's going to have to pull a knife to get his fourth."
  3. Fair enough, I just expect more from someone who's been there before.It was a great game though, I was even watching it instead of the Lakers Blazers game.
  4. C'mon, jumping on the scorer's table, victory lap, laying on the floor after all that.
  5. Did the Heat just win the championship?
  6. They should have let you finish the game anyway, who cares it's intramurals. The team that's going to win our championship has 3 guys that played D1 and aren't even enrolled in school. Sort of glad we lost in semis, would have got embarrassed at Allen Fieldhouse.
  7. Except I'm pretty certain that if given the opportunity to get away with it they would lynch Kobe and go Jeff Gillooly on PJ just so they could see him struggling in a wheelchair during games.
  8. Don't you dare. Mbenga is coming off a career 10 and 5 block night.
  9. Wow. Well good luck. I think they're too good though, they're going to need ping pong ball help.
  10. Option A: Lakers go 70-12, homecourt throughout playoffs. Kings get 8th seed and beat the Lakers in 5 games ending their dream season in devastating fashion.Option B: Kings go 15-67 and get the #1 pick.Which do you choose?
  11. Where do you live, Sacramento? Just in case I randomly happen to be in your area with a spare hour.Why, they could sneak into the 8th spot. You wouldn't have your team make the playoffs even if they get swept by the Lakers, than get a higher draft pick?
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