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  1. no data for 2004? you don't want to divulge the money won for advertising/FCP... obviously that's ashame that would be intersting to know how much a well known pro can make in advertising instead of only think that it's between 700k and 2m
  2. those are two good ones, the video when he played a drunk daniel is really goodi have one : every sentence when i says "litterally", i like the tone of his voice when he said it and he says this word about 5times per video
  3. not so big but anyway pretty sick :we were in a big super satellite i was two to the right of the chip leader with 4tables remaining we both have about 100BB ! i raise on the button with 78s 3 or 4BB i don't renember, BB called with ako, flop came 569rainbow ! sweat he goes all in i called and he is drawing totally dead, guess what happend.......chopchop !i was so sic.k i happend to loose the satellite, i didn't even notice i could chop this one except after the turn when i thought "nooooooooooooo way"
  4. it seems that he let some steam going on and get a little too drunk after a big disapointmentthis guy is cool and smart but he had a problem with bad beats so since he's good he get a lot of attention and on top of that he is really good at promoting himself (like our kid)
  5. yes i saw that tooi believe it, he will not have done that gesture without something big said by MaterazziMaterazzi was touching his clothes to disturb Zidane during the play, Zidane asks him to stop Materazzi told him that it was what he deserved, Zidane said "ok.." and Materazzi added : "you deserved all that, you muslims fuc.kers, dirty terrorists"but all journalits didn't heard that, some other said he said that Zidane's sister was a hore
  6. about the post on pokerroom :this seems totally stupid (and it is) but some players think that way.a while ago at the ACF in a no limit 2-4 game after someone has called the BB i raised on the button with kk to 30(agressive game) the big blind went all in for 200 the limper folded and i called he shows his ak i said i have kings and the player at my right said (in french): " you've a nice hand but he has more outs than you" i stared at him he added : " you only have one king left and he got 3 aces" euh ya i got it but if no as it's for me ! LOLps : i happend to be lucky my "2outs-hand" wins
  7. what about the advertising income?none of my business? okay;)
  8. in real $ 50k now is the same as 10k 30 years ago, that's good to have a competition with the best and ont too much players, if the tennis tourneys had 8000 competitors and 2000 not very bad i guess that the few best would never win it
  9. you can win at roulette but not in the long run and the main problem of roulette is that it's very addictive, like crapsone answer : stop to play it and never do it again or nevre play it
  10. once he cut his hair for 10 grands, someone asked him again to cut it for 10 or 20 but he refused
  11. Can I have more information on this? I don't play on Stars, mainly because of the lack of rakeback. However, Im going to open an account soon, so I would like to hear more about the VIP system.when u're raked in tourneys or cash games, u earn fpp that can be used to registered into satellites or to buy gifts : the rake back is about 7/8% but when u win 1500fpp in a month next month u will earn 50% more fpp, if u win 4000fpp it will be 100% more....up to 250% morewhen u have won 1500fpp in a month u become "siverstar" when 4000 "goldstar"....there are frerolls for each group and advantages.(h
  12. now they have the vip system that can give up about 25% of the rake back to the player in fpp that can be use in very various way like T$ which can be use to register in all pokerstars tourneys including sng
  13. lol"what can i do with all that money i won?"to a non poker player it sounds crazy but i know what you meani advice you invest some in bank, a nice trip, something that last like jullwery, accumulate to have a very big amount, all the video/sound stuff advice before in the post
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