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  1. I'm in satellited in for 250 fpps K4o > KQs :)Hopefully i run good cuz i am broke on stars
  2. Hey i am interested if the stake will allow me to play 100NL+ here are captures of my PT stats at 100NL and 200NL and also my OPROPR for '07 ... '08 is too small of a sample to matter and not as impressivePT stats
  3. Hey i am interested in the coaching/ stakingI am a 100nl 6 max reg at PS and have worked my way up from an intiial deposit of 100 bucks all the way up to 200nl full ring where i have never been able to progress past because of running bad, playing poorly/ withdrawing moneyI never risk more than 5% of my br on cashgames etc. so getting to that level wasnt because of taking shotsI have most experience with full ring but have been playing almost exclusively 6 max since march of this year with mixed results so far.. PM me if you want to stake/coach me i am very interested, i usually put in at leas
  4. Ya did us proud DN.Way to take it to Ivey and his prop bets...Congrats
  5. marky took me out QQ < AJo oh well.... im running really bad as of late
  6. im in the sunday mill, sooo card dead its ridiculous. at 8k right now w/ 3/6 blinds. markysals is directly to my left...
  7. Hey guys havent posted in the goals thread in awhile. Been hanging out at 2+2 and other places. Poker has been kind to me lately. Been playing 50NL HU and some 100NL and results have been great. Finally figured out the pokergrapher so i will share my cash game career and more specifically the months i dont think i posted in this thread. December was not a good month...And Dec to March My Career, All from a PartyPoker free 100 dollars...
  8. I'll be sweating the action on monday and hopefully getting tickets for the FT and will show up on Friday as well. I plan on playing some of the cash games as well, i know there is tons of action there.
  9. getting deepish in the $10 6-max tourny on PS... 2nd in chips and seem to be running pretty good
  10. if homeboy is lagtard i dont know if your necessarily smart in thinking your 99% sure your ahead. one thing 78 just got there, J9 (one of lagtards favorite holdings) just got there. Imo I think a bigger bet on flop is def. necessary because it is so draw heavy v. 2 opponents. checking on turn is pretty dangerous too because a smart opp would def. recognize a good situation to check behind and see a free card for their draws. If vill. is over aggro and really think he could be floating and have no peace of this flop c/c c/c the river would be smart no matter what appears on river cuz he is like
  11. dont like it at all..... guhhhhh. River screams i have nothing please lay whatever the hell you have down please.Pre: fine i suppose but in certain situations you might want to limp. In this particular instance you may lean towards limping becausee you and villian have history, ur oop, and he very well may play back at you on a lot of flops. you're only going to hit ur hand 1/3 of the time on the flop. Flop: If your checking the flop i suggest folding to his bet. and if you really dont want togive up the pot c/r his ass and if he calls or pushes you have all the info you need.Turn: GrossRiver:
  12. I like 250 preflop and being committed to the pot thereafter. Yes you are ahead here sometimes esp. in this retarded sats. villian could easily have flush draw middle pair or air and is trying to scare you with the A on board. In your particular situation flip a coin and decide whether to push or fold probably doesnt matter that much in the long run.
  13. Even with loose image I am double barreling flop and turn. If homeboy is that stupid to get to the river with a worse hand his river bluff deserves to be rewarded (with you folding). Flop is just way to dry to c/c v. 2 opp. showing no strength. As played I like the D-bet on the river but I know ur rarely getting called with a worse hand. Peace
  14. Yesterday was very disappointingplayed the HU 20+2 and played great, i really enjoy HU, got 12th if i remember correctly the dude that beat me was a total luckbox. Inspired me to play a couple small HU sng's first one hand #1 i get KK raise he folds hand #2 i pick up JJ he raises i rr he shoves i call AKs v JJ i lose flip grrrr. Second HU sng is a 4 man sng. first guy is total donk but keeps getting lucky on me when he gets short, over shoves a bunch, i know that its a matter of time before i get his stack, i limp on button with QT (which i dont normally do but blinds high and he was short) he
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