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  1. I'm sorry pam, we're gonna have to let you go. Ryan was better qualified for the job.
  2. Within the next 6 months or so here in Winnipeg we're getting AC/DC, ZZ-Top opening for Aerosmith, Coldplay and 3 Tragically Hip shows.Last year went to a few great shows, best by far was Foo Fighters, Neil Young show was awesome too.
  3. Thank GOD. I could barely sit through the last episode, it was painful. Durrr oughta stir up these nits a bit!
  4. Toews and Barker are beasts, proud to say they're hometown boys
  5. No way the "hit" on staal deserved a penalty...Edit: Man what a great game. I love playoff hockey
  6. I respectfully disagree. With 3+ bodies in front of the net anything can happen. Its pretty much the same as getting it allin with a touch, oesd and flush draw.
  7. FLEURY FTMFWHow sick was that save? Like come on how are they down 2-1????
  8. LOL at TO fans. Talk about life failure
  9. Check out www.tomgreen.comThe "Madness Monday" video. First time ive ever seen him serious about anything. Ignorant ****in people.
  10. t-bone

    Car Talk

    Wow does that ever suck
  11. t-bone

    Car Talk

    00Thats double 0, as in ooh ooh ahh ahh.
  12. t-bone

    Car Talk

    Hey brvheart, great idea for a thread btw, much appreciated.I've got issues with a 1992 S10 blazer 4x4 I recently picked up. The driver power window motor seems to work fine, it rolls down, but when you roll it up the window seems to get caught in the track at the front, its like the glass catches in the track somewhere, and doesnt roll up properly. If you help it it goes up fine (if you put pressure on the back of the glass, it rolss up straight).The rivets that hold the regulator/motor assembly in place seem to be a little loose, I'm going to drill those out and replace them with new hardw
  13. Live 1/2 PL game at my local club. Other guy in the hand had about $500 in front of him, I had a little over $400 when the following hand came up. He limps utg (and is a very solid player, by the way), I raise to $10 on the button with AJ, bb calls, so does he. Flop is AA4 with 2 clubs. BB checks, he bets $20, I raise to $60, bb folds, he calls. Turn card is another low club, 7 I think, completing the flush draw. He checks, I check behind him fearing a big check-raise. River is a brick and he checks again. Now I know I'm ahead, and I think he has a small suited ace. He checks to me and I bet $
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