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  1. You guys just can't compete with the elite that play on pokerstars so you use bad beats as your excuse. Seriously, it's not any worse then any other site, your all retarded paranoid freaks.
  2. do you understand the word undisputed? i dont think you do.It was obviously a joke. But yes i know what undisputed means, un-questionable.
  3. Stars is the undisputed best online poker site of them all.
  4. Elaborate.He did.. but what's he's saying is that when a player is allin on a ring game they can reload another full buyin and they get that full buyin added to their chip stack whether they win or lose or the person folds. So if you have 2k in your chip stack and you go allin and while your allin you reload and you get no callers you now have 4k in your chip stack.
  5. Ah, that would suck to have happen to oneself. Be made to look like a jerk when you had a reason for your actions.
  6. I'm still in but i'm not getting any cards, the best hand i've gotten all tourney is AJ and TT.
  7. Everyone already knows the winner, it's PDXCory...Duh if he plays that is.
  8. If tapping a table bothers you that much you have issues dude.
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