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  1. sitting on the chip lead with 33 people left.... hope i don't donk it off....
  2. Sitting with 45K in the B tourney.... got bounced out of A when AKs < JJ
  3. The guy is a deep stack tourney monster, and as usual just because of a few of edited hands people see on TV suddenly he is the tightest player ever? ridiculous, specious reasoning.
  4. yeah, the yellow ones are sick... I don't want to have to make a bootleg one.
  5. at 2905 , just cant seem to get goingand im out, good luck to everyone else
  6. at 6760... good luck to whoever else is still in
  7. HORSE tourneys and cash games, Stud High- Lo Regular , Triple Draw
  8. That poor danzer dude had some people make some horrible calls and get away with it... that has to be so frustrating when you buyin for 10,000 cash and get sucked out on people who call all ins with trash who probably won a freeroll on stars.
  9. How can you slap people 5 after that?
  10. damn, can't seem to take down the big ones... hang in there DN!
  11. That is pretty amusing... i mean, once you get re-raised with a board like that wouldn't you just double check to make sure you are playing the right game?
  12. Wow, newsflash... Daniel is a human, not a no-limit hold-em robot with x-ray vision and no emotions.Daniel spends the most time at the HSP table, he probably plays the most pots, and he really wants to prove how good he is. These people call him down in spots where they are dead, Daniel can't figure out what they are calling him with and then he pays them off after they get lucky...its called poker.The scary thing is though it looks like he really loses it next week, I never saw him slam a table like that in frustration as he does in the clip.
  13. because my friends suck.....jk but not really. That would be a test, and if it worked I'd go from there. Odds of me actually doing it are slim, but I've toyed with the idea.And the web cams would cost between 20-40 a piece. I already have a lot of extra computers, and my poker table was built 2 years ago, it would take a very slight modification to the rail.
  14. I was going to do this with 2 webcams for the heads up portion of my home game, like 2 cheapie USB cams... I bet there is a cheap way to do this with a USB hub and a few cheesy webcams. I wanted to see if I had any visible tells.Use a regular camcorder for the action, figure out a numbering scheme... and then after some video editing you could watch you versus you friends....
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