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  1. 6:23 PM - Brian "Down to about a 100... Lost some really tough pots... AK v QJ all in pre flop for 25k guy hits a J. Aces cracked by K9h flush on the river."
  2. Daniel Negreanu Eliminates Susie Isaacs and Wins a Huge PotA player in middle position raised to 3,100 and Susie Isaacs and Daniel Negreanu both called. The flop came and the original raiser bet 7,000. Isaacs moved in for 19,700 and Negreanu called. The raiser then moved all-in and had Negreanu covered. "I think I've got you guys crushed...but I'm not sure," Negreanu said before making the call. He turned over pocket Deuces for bottom set while Isaacs held and the other player . The on the turn meant that Isaacs and the other player were drawing dead, and Negreanu now has 145,000.
  3. Negreanu Doubles UpDaniel Negreanu called an all-in by an opponent who had him covered, on a flop of . His opponent turned over A-Q while Daniel showed A-5. The turn was the and Daniel asked the dealer not to lay another 6 down.The dealer obligied, peeling off the on the river. Negreanu doubled up, his tournament life safe, for now.
  4. Fan favorite Daniel Negreanu is eliminated in 21st place, and the crowd gives him a hearty round of applause. As a professional poker player, Negreanu has faced defeat many times with great poise, but today, he seems a bit frustrated by this loss.
  5. 348 User(s) are reading this topic (295 Guests and 3 Anonymous Users)damn
  6. Hand #96Hand #96 - Don Baruch (small blind) and Daniel Negreanu (big blind) see a flop of {8-Spades}{3-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}, Baruch bets, and Negreanu calls. The turn card is the {5-Clubs}, and both players check. The river card is the {6-Hearts}, Baruch checks, Negreanu bets small, and Baruch calls. Negreanu shows {5-Diamonds}{4-Clubs} for a pair of fives, and Baruch mucks. The holecams show that Baruch had {A-Spades}{2-Clubs} for bottom pair.
  7. my question is how David Benyamine is allowed to have 3 accounts on Full Tilt - davidbenyamine1, ballsrider and Magicpitch1. seems like a load of bull to me! http://www.highstakesdb.com/poker-reportss...ha-200-400.aspx
  8. Hand 63Thursday, January 25, 2007 06:28 PM PSTDaniel Negreanu bets T120,000 and Gary Kainer raises to T350,00 total. Negreanu re-raises all-in for T385,000 more. Kainer calls.Kainer: AKNegreanu: AQBoard: AQ683Negreanu doubles up to T1,600,000 and he is now the chip leader.
  9. Final Table TimeWe've wound our way down to 10 players with the elimination of Brian Gabrielle. His J-J fell to Matt Russell's K-K, sending him home in 11th place with $34,274. Here's a look at our new lineup by seat:1 Matt Russell 123K2 Gary Kainer 216K3 JC Tran 428K4 Brian Sumner 363K5 Bobby Thompson 867K6 James "Catfish" Bullard 750K7 Kido Pham 653K8 Jeremy Tinsley 258K9 Young Cho 1.455M10 Daniel Negreanu 679Ksick position
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