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  1. You seriously think they don't pay taxes. Any entity that earns income pays taxes.I have no opinion on this otherwise but this comment was so assinine I had to chime in
  2. Anyone in this starts in half an hour. I just had my last exam ever I now have a Bachelor of Commerce (brag post???) so I am doing some pre drinking playing some poker, join in!!
  3. Atta boy, I'm actually having a couple Vitamin P's tonightI'm from Calgary as well (well from Cochrane actually)
  4. Since no one is playing in this any Americans know the kind of beer in my avatar? Just curiousAny Pilsner lovers out there???
  5. Hello, anybody home? Don't be shy
  6. Anyone else playing? SN=TeddyKGB_719
  7. My theory on this question is simple, and it certainly involvs no conspiracy of "rigging". It is something that happens to me regularly. Say I deposit and go on a rush playing good poker and double my buy-in, since I think I am playing so well I loosen up and start playing more marginal hands, bluffing more etc. At this time these marginal plays start making poker a losing proposition until I've lost it all. Then, again I rebuy, play solid/tighter poker until I build up again and then loosen up. So basically I am saying that losing your money is a function of what YOU do and not what the poker
  8. congrats, gg, back to the psych midterm
  9. late rail, really don't want to study
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