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  1. I just found out that the contest ends today and the original picture that was posted was not them. It was a generic picture that was posted until they sent their actual picture in. They have their actual picture up now. Go vote if you can and lets take this down....
  2. that will be great...I think the voting ends like today or tomorrow though
  3. I guess if I watched much tv, i would get that joke. It didnt make sense to me. But I never watch tv except for news and MMA...
  4. No if you had "real life friends" you wouldn't have 19000 posts....
  5. actually her mom called me and asked me if i could vote for her and then I told her mom that I was kind of a big deal.....
  6. she is pretty I promise..I dont have any pictures handy or I would post them. I will look for some.
  7. thats cool I know the power of numbers..
  8. just a hunch but maybe they got the names backwards under the photo...cause cuz dont look like a dude at all...
  9. will do. Some people have told me that they could only vote 9 times. I have voted way more than that so I am not sure why they can't. I would really like to see her win because she would really appreciate it. She is a really nice girl.
  10. I am not sure of that but will ask....I must say that the thought did cross my mind to ask this already. He is a race car driver so there must be some hope for him still
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