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  1. Seinfeld - "opposite george"and a classic I just saw the other day,Mash - where they convince Frank to drop his transfer request by making him think the fields are full of gold and at the end they drive by Frank in a gold painted jeep. lmao.
  2. The feats of strength will be performed by Dutch.
  3. Some of you may have other names for it, but the game is called "Bottles". A group of people sit and count 1,2,3.........etc., in sequence until you get to seven, any numer with a seven in it, or a multiple of seven, then you must say bottles, if you miss saying it on your turn, you take a shot or slam a bear and it starts over at one. The record is my brother who started off with, you guessed it, by saying bottles.
  4. Iceman, thanks for the link, that is a great site.
  5. angler

    i hate...

    the dude who busts out of a tournament then comes to the ring table, and shares his experiences with the table.
  6. Well, I won't beat around the bush, (except if I am really drunk), you are dumb, and no it is not the best song. Sorry and Happy Holidays.
  7. angler

    i hate...

    people who name their threads "the official".........Would the unofficial thread be any more meaningless?
  8. House of Pain by Faster Pussycat.
  9. angler

    what if...

    I would let my dog shred his extremities.
  10. LMAO - I remember akaconditioner and his defence of folding (or open Farelling) the nuts, classic.
  11. 6 9 - Usually because I end up daydreaming and don't pay attention to what is going on.
  12. Missed the goal. Italian Football is very boring to watch, there is no excitement or atmoshpere. It may be different live, but I can think of a lot better countries and venues I would pick to see a game than anywhere in Serie A.
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