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  1. He mentioned early October for his next match, does anyone know when that is going to be?
  2. I have AJo, we are 3 handed and guy on my right raises 3$ i call and guy in LP raises all in for 27$, guy on my right calls with KQo and i laid it down. KQo was on a bad losing streak so i figured he had a medium hand but was pretty sure i was against AA or AK (it was AK) to LP. The guy took the pot with one pair (aces)and i would have won with aces and jacks. Was i wrong for laying that down preflop? sorry no hand history.
  3. So against the TAG players, what is the best type of play to beat them?
  4. Does anyone play the 20-30 $ SNGs? stupid question, im sure a lot of you do. whats the biggest difference in play between those two limits. i find the 20$ SNGs relativly easy to get in the money. Are the players tighter or looser as you go up limits?
  5. Did anyone see the hand when neverwin lost 25 grand all in. he had trip sevens and the other guy had a boat. it ended up being a 70k pot.
  6. anyone know whats the deal with these things on party?
  7. haha, i think i was that guy that your talking about that asked him to sign the chip. cuz his friend who i asked to get him to sign it came back and said that i needed a sharpie, next time i go there i guess ill be more prepared cause there is so many pros there. whats funny is i looked in the pic gallery and saw a pic of him playing barry and saw myself in the background at the table behind him, im FAMOUS whoo hoo
  8. if you are going to play for 6 hours per day there then you will get a huge dicount and it will be like 120 a night vice 250 or so. the chips are a pain to count out. but the lowest game for NL is 1-3, 100$ buy in. it was cool to sit across from DN table and watch him play, also scotty ngywen and his possies strolled through.
  9. Plus the Wynn offers a big discount for ther rooms if you play there for 6 hours a day, its like 120 a night.
  10. when i played at the wynn 1-3NL the game table was split up have very aggressive and the other half plying only super strong hands and getting huge pots off the aggressors. i was the one playing only top hands and it did me very well, up over 200 in an hour. every single pot cost 15-20 bucks to enter because of these guys. That was my only experience in vegas with NL ive always played limit there so im not sure how typical that game was.
  11. what is the correct pot odds to call when you have four to the flush, nuts or not?
  12. i saw on party at the NL 2000 buy in that people have like 5 tables going and a crap load of money on each table. my question is, is it alot easier to win money on those games vs limit? It seems like people just build the pot a little bit and then go all in or raise so much the no one wants to call. is that the way to win at NL?
  13. thats funny because i was just in a play tourney and there was AA vs. AA also. now whats the chances of that in the same day on 2 tables. lol nuts.
  14. has anyone used this web sight, if so is it worth it? (realpokertraining.com)
  15. well if what people said on your other post is true, it looks like you better run and buy a lotto ticket. congrats
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