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  1. I'm in, been a while since I've played in an FCP tourney, or posted for that matter.
  2. Shows in Vegas that I liked enough to see twice: Mystere, Amazing Johnathan, and Elton John (well, seeing it for the 2nd time July 22nd)Shows I've seen in Vegas that I recommend: Ka, Lance Burton. Might see either of those again someday, it's been a while. Avenue Q would've made this list, but as already noted, it's closed.Shows I've seen in Vegas that I was disappointed in: O, Penn and TellerGoing to try Mesa Grill before Elton on the 22nd. The one restaurant I've been disappointed in would be Top of the World at the Strat, WAY overpriced for the quality of the food. Bradley Ogden at Caes
  3. My favorite moment was when the chick called Laak's all-in with trip Aces vs his nut flush & thought she won the hand.
  4. You're at my table now, I'm going to have to bust you. I'm SkullBoy0.
  5. I played in a 10 cent turbo tourney on Stars tonight, but didn't see anything like that on Party.
  6. Even before the last day or so, I would've said Jacks.Busted out of a Stars rebuy with them yesterday, 23 short of the money, couldn't fold the overpair when 3 rags flopped. (Pair of Queens behind me, & the small blind called my raise with 8-7 & flopped 2 pair)Then just now I busted out of a tourney on Party with them in the SB, late position raiser, any reraise would pretty much commit me so I push, he calls, turns over A-J & of course catches the Ace on the flop.
  7. Well, I wish I could say I folded the Jacks, but I probably wouldn't have made this post if I did, right?MP3 turned over Queens, & the SB called pre-flop with 7-8 , so he flopped top 2 & ended up filling up on the river.Was funny, I sent the following instant messages to a friend of mine during that hand:"Picked up Jacks, could be good or bad.""Damn, lot of callers, one of them just bet out.""Crap, Queens behind me, one of the callers had 8-7 "sooted", flopped 2 pair, & I'm out in 266, 23 short of the money."I just knew with Jacks there'd either be an overcard on the flop to beat
  8. About 20 places short of making the money at this pointHad doubled through MP3 on a previous hand with Kings on a 9-high flop, he had Ace-9 offsuit & couldn't lay down TPTKPokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t1200 (9 handed) FTR converter on zerodivide.cxHero (t48350)MP3 (t49394)CO (t21677)Button (t21534)SB (t68092)BB (t34351)UTG (t27388)UTG+1 (t23726)MP1 (t62225)Preflop: Hero is MP2 with J , J . 3 folds, Hero raises to t4800, MP3 calls t4800, 2 folds, SB calls t4200, BB calls t3600.Flop: (t18000) 4:heart:, 8:diamond:, 7:spade: (4 players)SB bets t1200, BB folds, Hero ra
  9. & I'm out.Pushed with a weak hand in the cutoff since I was shortstacked, one of the blinds woke up with Aces & obviously called.Oddly enough, made like $50 more bucks for 7th than I did for 6th, which is my best finish in the $20K Guarantee.
  10. Was hoping that short-stack that just went all-in would bust, but his 10s held up.
  11. Been on a good run in the Party $20K & $40K Guarantees lately, have cashed 4 days straight.At the final table now, 6th in chips, changed my Party name to SkullBoy0 to match my FCP name.
  12. PokerAceHUD does, it's one of the reasons why I've switched to that.That & the ability to automatically add whatever tables I have open.Plus, with the recent Party changes, recent Betas have added the ability to display stats for players at the table that you already have stats for. Which is good, since Party doesn't really give you any DECENT stats on the tables that are running, other than average pot size.
  13. It didn't report my progress towards the second bonus on that page, but it did credit me for the bonus after I played 1500 hands.If they're having problems, kinda doubt I can finish the 2000 for the 3rd bonus.
  14. Thanks.Probably could've picked a better spot, but he just limped & I thought I could get him to fold.Plus it's already 1AM, think it was after 2:30 when I took 3rd in the Full Tilt $16k that one time, but that starts later.
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